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Over the past decade, Blue Ocean Systems has taken pride in meeting the needs of our diverse portfolio of clients. Below are short summaries of how we have helped our customers in various industries to move on from inefficient legacy systems and improve their business processes.

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Games, Toys & Children's Vehicles

SIC Code: 3944

A global manufacturer and wholesaler of well known toys loved by kids all around the world (and some adults) deployed SAP Business One in several countries in South America and Asia.

The project involved the setup of 2 SAP B1 databases for their Korean and Hong Kong subsidiaries based on a global Business Blueprint template developed by Blue Ocean Systems, USA. Apart from the usual project tasks, the additional tasks that we completed were: configuration adjustments for Korea made with the co-operation of our Korean SAP B1 partner & updating of the global Business Blueprint.

The project enabled our customer to have systems support for entry into emerging markets, with standardised and optimised processes for new operational team members and streamlined reporting and consolidation into their corporate information system.


Transportation Services

SIC Code: 4700

A subsidiary of a Japanese Logistics company wanted to move away from handling multiple independent systems, and have all the information related to Financials, Deliveries, Receivables, Customer Inventory and Warehouse Management in one system. They chose SAP Business One integrated with our Mobile Warehouse Solution, enabling their team to save time on data entry and reconciliation, and for their management to have insight to make decisions based on real-time data.

This decision has enabled them to run their operations more smoothly, and has given their management the confidence to pursue the ambitious growth plan that was targeted by the organisation.


International Affairs

SIC Code: 9721

An international organisation based in Singapore chose to deploy SAP Business One to better manage their operations and support for their project teams around the region. They opted for an integrated solution including Financials Management, Human Resource management, including E-Claims, E-Payslips and E-Leave and Variatec project management to manage and allocate their resources as efficiently as possible.

The deployment enables them to meet the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and allows their management to pull out information in a timely manner to make key decisions.


Machinery,Equipment & Supplies

SIC Code: 5080

A leading provider of scientific and laboratory equipment has chosen Blue Ocean Systems to replace their multitude of disparate systems with SAP Business One. Our deployment is used by all their departments, including Sales, Finance, Operations, Marketing, Servicing and Aftersales Support. This has reduced the friction between departments, as all information is stored in a single system, and there is only one version of the truth.

We have also enabled their team to create their own reports through a Crystal Reports training course, giving them to capability to meet their ever changing reporting requirements. They are now able to use the reports generated from the system to make key business decisions on stock holding, tactical discounts and targeted marketing, achieving a huge return on investment on productivity, customer satisfaction and sales volume.


Agricultural Chemicals

SIC Code: 2870

A world leader in the wholesale marketing and distribution of crop nutrients and industrial commodities. Our customer delivers the inputs essential for growing healthy, sustainable crops and maximising yields in farming systems around the world.  Blue Ocean Systems Singapore created a new SAP B1 database for the customer's Singapore affiliate based on a business blueprint developed by Blue Ocean Systems USA. The set of business forms were created (purchase orders, sales quotation, sales order confirmation, delivery note, A/R Invoice, A/R Credit Note), GST tax codes defined and several reports were custom built.

The local affiliate was able to realise the benefits of an SAP based ERP solution to support their operations and were able to report in a timely, accurate and consistent manner to their headquarters on a regular basis. Process efficiencies and productivity were realised by both teams.


Construction and Mining

SIC Code: 5082

Our customer is the world leader in the manufacture of sophisticated safety products that help protect workers who may be exposed to a variety of hazardous conditions. The industries they serve include defence, police, civil defence and general industry.

Our team was responsible for rolling out SAP Business One based on a business blueprint developed by Blue Ocean Systems USA to Singapore, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Indonesia (Jakarta), Hong Kong, Thailand (Bangkok), United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi & Dubai) and Egypt (Cairo). Based on the Blue Ocean Systems methodology,we adjusted configurations relevant for the local subsidiaries, developed the forms, created any specific reports, conducted end user training, created the end user manuals, updated project documentation manuals, completed user acceptance tests, prepared the affiliates to Go Live and provided 2 weeks of on-site support for each location.

Our customer, a NYSE listed entity, was able to ensure that corporate mandated processes were consistently followed by all their entities in the global offices to comply with their GRC (Governance, Reporting & Compliance) requirements.


Engineering Services

SIC Code: 8711

For more than 40 years, our customer has been a provider of critical products and materials used in advanced high-technology manufacturing. These products and materials are often used to make the building blocks of many of the world's most complex microelectronic products, such as computers, mobile devices and phones, data storage components, televisions and monitors, and automobiles.

The Blue Ocean Systems Singapore team created a new SAP Business One database for the Singapore subsidiary based on a business blueprint template built by our team at Blue Ocean Systems USA. The implementation was project managed by our colleague from BOS USA and the project scope included financials, logistics and service management. The 8 week implementation covered the configuration of SAP B1 with Singapore localisation for the specified modules, end user training, user acceptance tests, Go Live and support to the end users.

Our customer had the peace of mind that consistent procedures were practiced and accurate reporting details were made available to their US headquarters on a timely basis with a significantly reduced month-end closing process.


Paint, Coating and Adhesive Manufacturing

NAICS Code: 3255

Our customer is a privately held diversified technology and manufacturing company developing highly reliable adhesives, coatings, motion management devices, and sensing technologies that significantly reduce risk and improve product performance.

The BOS Singapore team worked with our counterparts at BOS USA to deliver an ERP solution based on SAP Business One.


Electric Lighting & Wiring Equipment

SIC Code: 3640

Our customer's superior lighting products are designed to enhance the beauty of any fine residence or public facility and provides many years of carefree illumination.

Our team consisting of consultants from BOS Singapore and BOS USA undertook the development of a global business blueprint for an ERP solution based on SAP Business One and the Discrete Manufacturing app for B1, beas. The initial project was completed in the Philippines and the developed solution template is being used to replace our customers' outdated, unintegrated and scattered systems all around the world.

Our customer is enjoying a truly superior SAP based solution that is based on the cost effective SAP B1. This platform is supporting their global growth and tighter supply chain integration across their global affiliate offices.


Oil & Gas Field Service

SIC Code: 1389

Our customer is in the business of providing oilfield mudlogging services. They were based in the Loyang Offshore base in Singapore. Our SAP Business One deployment replaced an aging Solomon based accounting system. Our scope of works included purchasing, inventory management, sales, financials, banking and service management. We configured SAP B1 based on their local requirements, developed the business forms, completed end user training and acceptance tests, migrated data from their legacy system, prepared the configuration manual and the end user guide and took them live in about 8 weeks.

Our customer was able to sustain their operations with a modern fully integrated ERP system and escape the pain point of having to deal with an old no-longer-supported version of Solomon.


Computer Processing & Data Preparation

SIC Code: 7374

Our customer is a leading global information and technology services company providing clients in the healthcare industry with end-to-end solutions to measure and improve their performance. This implementation remains the largest ERP implementation for the Blue Ocean Systems teams in the US and Singapore. The nearly 2 year deployment of SAP's enterprise based ECC solution for 11 countries was based on a prior deployment undertaken by Blue Ocean Systems USA in South America.

Our customer realised tremendous operational efficiencies across a large number of subsidiaries to optimise local operations and to streamline reporting and analytics.


Engineering Services

SIC Code: 8711

Our customer is a developer, owner and operator of clean energy projects worldwide and a producer of sustainable products from natural resources and waste. This SAP Business One project arose from a novation from a UK SAP B1 partner when our customer moved their headquarters from London to Singapore. Our team reimplemented SAP Business One to improve master data consistency, process workflows and reporting for 9 countries. We also created an automatic daily foreign exchange rates update app to update several forex rates into 300 SAP B1 databases that were setup to manage and track their entity and joint-venture operations. Together with the team at BOS USA, we also deployed a financial consolidation and reporting add-on for SAP B1.


Engineering Services

SIC Code: 8711

A company focusing on HR Solutions was looking to improve on their system for tracking of subscriptions, recurring billing and partner management. Blue Ocean Systems introduced SAP Business One, replacing their current system and setting up automations for monthly, quarterly and yearly prompts for renewals and billing. The system also helps to track their project profitability, and performance across product groups.

This automation has saved the company time and money, and has ensured that billing and renewal cycles are handled promptly and efficiently.


Water Transportation

SIC Code: 4400

Blue Ocean Systems was approached by a Shipping Group looking to replace their current, legacy system with a new up to date modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. We recommended SAP Business One Starter Pack to better manage their accounting requirements, and rolled it out to 7 entities within a short period of 2 months.

The customer now has better insight into the status of their Shipping Projects, and their management team has the ability to pull out their own reports without reliance on their staff compiling information from several different reports, boosting the productivity of their team.


Management Services

SIC Code: 8741

A shipping brokerage was looking to replace their legacy system with an up to date ERP that was capable of supporting both the local operations, as well as their future expansion plans. The key driver was a need to modernize their accounting software, minimizing the time spent on creating reports for management reporting. Another key requirement was an integration to their current SalesForce System, their current system used by their brokering team.

Blue Ocean Systems was able to deliver the project with minimum disruption to their operations, effectively implementing SAP Business One and their suite of reports on time and within budget, improving the responsiveness of the management team to meet the needs of the everchanging shipping industry.


Printed Circuit Boards

SIC Code: 3672

An established local manufacturer of printed circuit boards was exploring the possibility of replacing their current customized ERP Solution with a system that could give them the assurance of long term support, and constant upgrades to meet their business requirements. We recommended SAP Business One with ProcessForce for two companies, effectively replacing their current system, and solving some of the long standing pain points of the team.

Our customer achieved a greater granularity in managing their production team, and had a system that was more agile to meet the requirements of both their suppliers and customers.


Building Materials, Hardware, Garden Supply, & Mobile Homes

SIC Code: 5200

Blue Ocean Systems met a local Gates and Grills specialist for a discussion on replacing their current accounting package and spreadsheets with a robust ERP implementation, capable of handling their Sales, Purchasing, Inventory Management and aftersales Service requirements. We implemented a SAP Business One system to replace their disparate accounting and inventory management systems, enabling them to efficiently check on their available stock, and be able to quote to their customers.

We also implemented a web based scheduling system, enabling our customer to allocate their resources for daily servicing and maintenance, improving the efficiency of their maintenance team.


Flat Glass

SIC Code: 3211

A veteran in glass fabrication and installation has used SAP Business One to better manage their inventory, accounting, sales, purchasing and project management for 2 entities. This system has replaced their legacy system, and enabled them to respond more efficiently to requests from their customers.

Project related information is now stored in the system, enabling easy retrieval and access. Our Blue Ocean Systems report pack has also enabled the customer to meet their reporting requirements without purchasing customized Crystal Reports.


Computer Integrated System Design

SIC Code: 7373

Blue Ocean Systems met with a Healthcare solutions company to discuss an implementation of SAP Business One. Among their key concerns were availability of data, ease of accessing their maintenance base and availability of reports to make key management decisions.

Through the implementation, they have experienced an improvement in their controls and processes. Supported by Blue Ocean Systems, they are able to focus on their core business, helping their customers become more proficient, and efficient through the use of specialized Healthcare Solutions.


Water Transportation

SIC Code: 4400

A top-tier provider of chemical transportation services approached Blue Ocean Systems for a discussion on replacing their current accounting package with an ERP that was easy to use, and able to meet their reporting requirements. We recommended SAP Business One, which was integrated to their Ship Management Solution, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry, and having only one version of the truth on SAP Business One.

This has eliminated their need for multiple data entry and reconciliation across systems, increasing their efficiency and enabling them to focus on their key tasks on hand.


Paper & Paper Products

SIC Code: 5110

A company in Paper Trading decided to implement SAP Business One to improve their business processes, and increase their responsiveness to their customers in the region. SAP Business One was implemented to simplify the generation of sales documents for different countries, each with their own requirement in terms of layouts, and depth of information.

The implementation has helped our customer save time in terms of report and form generation, and has enabled them to increase their customer satisfaction through a decreased turnaround time due to accurate, real time availability of data.


Machinery, Equipment, & Supplies

SIC Code: 5080

A local provider of Marine and Offshore Supplies was looking for new ways to manage their inventory. Their stock was spread over multiple locations in Singapore, with 3 main warehouses. They also handled Fabrication, increasing the complexity of the inventory management situation. We worked together with our RFID Partner on this project, effectively tagging and managing the bins for a few thousand SKUs.

This has enabled our customer to have real-time access to stock information and stock movements, including the movements within a bin, leftover stock after fabrication, and drivers who were responsible for each delivery. Our customer has experienced a huge increase in productivity, enabling them to get back to their customers within a shorter time frame and with more accurate information.


Medical, Dental & Hospital Equipment & Supplies

SIC Code: 5047

Our customer provides professional pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing, sales and distribution services in Singapore and ASEAN countries. As a part of their business growth plan, the company engaged Blue Ocean Systems to deliver SAP Business One to their group of three companies in Singapore. The solution went live in all three companies simultaneously.

SAP Business One is now the single software integrating the entire business in their companies. They benefited from streamlined business processes, reduced human errors and improved accuracy, and reduced manpower for manual data entry and tracking of sales. They are able to track their inventory by batch and expiry date. Month-end closings are swiftly executed and there are no more year-end closing headaches. Since the new solution went live, they have seen increased sales and better productivity. More importantly, they are able to act on instant and complete information in a more timely manner.


Motor Vehicle Parts & Accessories

SIC Code: 3714

An established tire company since 1927, our customer is in the business of trading, distribution and supply chain management of tires and accessories to customers in Singapore. They were using a legacy software to operate their business for close to 30 years. Over the years, they were facing increasingly limited software support and were unable to leverage on better performing hardware infrastructure. They finally decided it was time to invest in a new ERP software that could allow them to improve operations, implement new business processes and keep those processes that differentiated them from competitors.

They evaluated ERP software from Microsoft, MySoft, Sage and SAP. SAP Business One was chosen because it better fitted their business needs, including features to view real-time business information, to extract "live" data from the system to Excel spreadsheet for ad-hoc analysis, and to generate customized reports. Moreover, SAP is a world leader in enterprise applications and this gave them assurance on the long-term commitment and support of SAP Business One.

Our customer evaluated three SAP Business One partners and chose Blue Ocean Systems, mainly because we were able to show them how to use standard features in SAP Business One (versus customization) to develop workaround solutions to fulfill their "negative stocks" and "allocation of rebates" requirements. We also trained our customer on how to extract data from SAP Business One so that they can do their own external analysis and reporting based on compulsory user requirements.


Computer & Office Equipment

SIC Code: 3570

Our customer, a subsidiary of a leading Japanese document solutions company, manufactures and sells monochrome and colour printers, multifunctional products, wide format systems, and parts and supplies. Blue Ocean Systems Singapore worked with a Japanese SAP partner, IT Frontier (now owned by TCS), to deploy SAP Business One based on a business blueprint developed after a similar SAP B1 implementation for a Japanese subsidiary.

The Singaporean team was briefed on the blueprint processes, showed how SAP B1 handled them and we outlined the tasks to be completed for their local operations. The project scope included: Purchasing, Inventory management (serial + batch processes), Sales, Service Management, Financials and Banking. Additional forms and reports were also created. The project went live after about 3 months.


Power, Distribution & Specialty Transformers

SIC Code: 3612

The project was deployed for the new Singaporean subsidiary of a German industrial cabling solutions company that engages in the manufacture and installation of high-voltage cable accessories world wide. We worked with their local bookkeeper to set up SAP Business One. Since the entity was new, the implementation only took about a week. The process scope included Purchasing, Inventory Management, Sales, Financials and Banking. After the Go Live, we supported the company with process enhancements, new reports, etc.


Medical, Dental & Hospital Equipment & Supplies

SIC Code: 5047

Our customer is an established distributor of various leading edge medical devices and technology in Southeast Asia, and serves diverse fields of medicine. It is headquartered in Singapore, with subsidiary companies incorporated in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. Our customer was using SAP Business One solution in its headquarters for about two years. This solution was implemented by another SAP partner. For undisclosed reasons, our customer terminated the support services of this partner and entrusted Blue Ocean Systems to support their system in Singapore.

Apart from resolving several major problems encountered in the customer's system in Singapore, our customer engaged us to roll out the SAP Business One system to their Malaysia entity. We also implemented the GST add-on in the system when the Malaysian Government enforced the Goods & Services Tax legislation.

Fast forward, our customer awarded us the project to develop and implement a Mobile Warehouse solution later in the same year. This mobile solution was developed from scratch for Android smart devices integrating to the SAP Business One system of the Singapore entity. This barcode enabled solution increases the mobility of their users enabling them to receive and issue goods, effect inventory transfers between warehouses, and search for items. It also allows the users to print barcode labels for non-barcoded items.

Within the same year, our customer awarded us another project to roll the SAP Business One system out to their Thailand entity.

A believer in digital transformation, our customer will continue to leverage on modern technology to transform their businesses and processes, run simple and faster and build on their competitive edge in their marketplaces.


Business Consulting Services

SIC Code: 8748

Our customer has been pioneering loyalty solutions for over 75 years. Their Asia Pacific presence includes Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Realizing that their business software comprising of Peoplesoft, Tally and numerous spreadsheet-based applications were increasingly bottlenecks, their Asia Pacific management made a bold decision to invest in SAP Business One.

After a one-month Business Blueprint Study in which confirmed that SAP Business One can be the new business management solution for the Asia Pacific business, our customer entrusted us to implement this solution that integrates the entire business across financial, sales, customers and operations in those five countries into their Asia Pacific office in Singapore. This new solution also enables information integration back to their head office in Canada for reporting and analysis using Hyperion.

The business in Asia Pacific continues to experience strong growth, SAP Business One has streamlined their operations, their management can now act on instant and complete information, raise productivity and accelerate profitable growth.


Telephone Communications

SIC Code: 4813

Our customer is one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies, with some 156 million mobile customers, 29 million fixed-network lines, and more than 18 million broadband lines. They use SAP R/3 globally. However, our customer decided to discontinue a subsidiary from using SAP R/3 to support their business.

This subsidiary operates the information and communication technology systems for the parent company to the end customers which include multinational corporations and public sector institutions. Blue Ocean Systems was entrusted with implementing the SAP Business One within three months due to their dateline.


Medical, Dental & Hospital Equipment & Supplies

SIC Code: 5047

Our customer is a leading local supplier of scientific bench-top equipment disposable consumables, chemical and biological reagent products for life science and biotech research, as well as pharmaceutical industries in Singapore and Malaysia. They were using Geo software for more than ten years. This software in both two offices were not integrated slowing down business and operational communications and hence delaying decision-making. Instead of upgrading this software, they decided to invest in SAP Business One that will allow their two companies to use a single business management solution that integrates their entire business across locations and countries.

Blue Ocean Systems' solution for our customer went live in Singapore in 4 months, followed by Malaysia 2 months later. SAP Business One has given their business executives and decision makers greater mobility. They can now used their smart devices to check on customer information, inquire on inventory, and make approvals on the move. The Head Office has total visibility of the business in both offices with just a few clicks into SAP Business One. This new solution was also able to fulfill a few unique user requirements for pick list, sales - invoicing, advance billing, and sales commissions, which were worked around using standard features which otherwise would require customization.


Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Products

SIC Code: 3490

Our customer is a fast growing Singapore SME. Together with two sister companies, the group has been recognised as a market leader in the General and Metal Trading industry locally and the regional countries.

Our customer engaged Blue Ocean Systems to implement SAP Business One Version for SAP HANA Version 9.0 for the group of three companies with 16 users. The solution for one company went live in 4 months, and within 9 months for the other two companies. Since then, the SAP B1 HANA system running in a 128GB Fujitsu HANA server continues to reward the three companies significantly from streamlined processes across departments, powerful analytics and timely reporting and dashboards, to the ability to act on instant and complete information.

Our customer has since upgraded their system to version 9.1 and has begun the implementation of the SAP Inter-company solution to automate trading processes and reporting among the companies. This latest investment will further raise productivity, enhance business visibility and improve profitability to new height from company to group level.


Engineering Services

SIC Code: 8711

Our customer delivers technical engineering solutions in the areas of energy and the environment through projects with Oil & Gas companies, Power Generation companies, and any rotating equipment associated industry. Blue Ocean Systems took over the annual support of their SAP Business One system from another SAP partner. In the same year, the customer got us to implement the same system to a second company.


Membership Organizations

SIC Code: 3490

Our customer is an association, a professional body representing the airline pilot profession in Singapore. They opted for an SAP Business One Starter Package solution, which we implemented successfully.


Electronic Parts & Equipment

SIC Code: 5064

Our customer is a supplier to the electronics and manufacturing industry. Blue Ocean Systems took over the SAP Business One system from another SAP partner, and re-implemented the solution within 5 months.


Machinery, Equipment and Supplies

SIC Code: 5080

Our customer is a global technology partner in the punching sector. They provide high performance stamping presses and punching tools. Blue Ocean Systems took over the support of their SAP Business One system from another SAP partner.



SIC Code: 5072

Our customer is a leading bolt and nut, socket screws, recoil inserts, and machine screws supplier. Blue Ocean Systems was awarded their project to implement SAP Business One, and this new solution went live within 5 months. This project received the coveted SAP Customer & Partner Recognition Award. Our customer became a public listed company on The Stock Exchange of Singapore in the next year, and decided to upgrade their SAP Business One system to SAP Business One on HANA the year after that. This new solution will bring speed and power to their SAP Business One and enabling them with comprehensive analytic and reporting capabilities.


Business Consulting Services

SIC Code: 8748

Our customer is a successful international group offering confidential, personal and professional offshore and onshore fiduciary, finance and tax consulting, fund and wealth management services to both private and professional clients. Blue Ocean Systems implemented SAP Business One to aid their business processes.


General Industrial Machinery & Equipment

SIC Code: 3560

Our customer provides customers with the latest industry information for packaging solutions. Their Singapore operations maintain a parts inventory of genuine trimmer & necker parts and other spare parts for can-making machines. These parts are kept in stock all the time, organized and tailored to regional customers' specific needs. They realized their service through tight-knit connections with machine manufacturers and can makers throughout the world. Behind these complex business processes, they have been using SAP Business One to support their complex business processes, enabling them with improved productivity and visibility in turn driving profitability.


Prepackaged Software

SIC Code: 7372

Our customer provides SAP consultants in the SAP market place for project management, training and support work. Blue Ocean Systems implemented SAP Business One for their business.


Medical, Dental & Hospital Equipment & Supplies

SIC Code: 5047

Our customer is a recognized market leader for the provision of world class products in dental healthcare supplies and equipment throughout Singapore, Indonesia and the regional countries. They took their first major step to invest in SAP Business One to support their business growth plan. This investment has benefited the company significantly with a single system that integrates the entire business across financial, sales, service, customer and operations. With new and streamlined business processes, the system enhances business visibility in the company and they are able to act on instant and complete information, raise productivity and accelerate profitable growth.

In order to meet the unique product and service needs of their customers, our customer with SAP Business One continues to transform by shifting their focus from product-centric to customer-centric, a move that will poise them to truly offer a preferred destination that meets their customers' expectation, end-to-end. Blue Ocean Systems took over the support of their SAP Business One from another SAP partner so as to improve the quality of the support services expected by our customer.

Food and Kindred Products

SIC Code: 2000

Our customer provides the best quality Arabica and Robusta coffee to coffeeshops, coffee stalls, businesses and institutions in Singapore. They had been using SAP Business One in support of their business for five years when Blue Ocean Systems took over the support for their solution. We have since helped them to upgrade their van sales solution with a mobile solution running in Android smart devices that is integrated seamlessly with their SAP Business One.


Furniture & Home Furnishings

SIC Code: 5020

Our customer is a leading manufacturer of mobile folding products to help businesses maximize the efficient use of their space. These include luggage carts, mobile folding tables, mobile folding stages, portable dance floors, and wall beds. The company has been using SAP Business One several years. Blue Ocean Systems took over the support of their system in their 8th year.


Industrial Machinery & Equipment

SIC Code: 5084

Our customer provides material handling, packaging and automation solutions. They had been using SAP Business One for one company for about 2 years when Blue Ocean Systems took over the support for the software. Since then, we have helped them to implement SAP Business One in a second company in Singapore and businesses in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and China, and continue to support them today.


Medical, Dental & Hospital Equipment & Supplies

SIC Code: 5047

Our customer is a major supplier of medical and nursing equipment to government and private hospitals, nursing homes and day care centres, as well as local businesses in Singapore. As a part of their business growth plan, our customer decided to replace their Accpac accounting software. They chose SAP Business One version for SAP HANA in favour of SAP Business One on Windows environment to exploit the powerful analytical and reporting capabilities of SAP HANA. This new solution also delivered superior transaction performance and enhanced user experience on a daily basis.


Chemicals & Allied Products

SIC Code: 5160

Our customer is a group of companies engaged in various business including industrial solvents, specialty & intermediate chemicals, waste and cooling water treatment chemicals, leather chemicals, enzyme chemicals, construction chemicals, waterproofing & flooring specialist work, and so on with headquarters in Singapore. Our customer wanted to have a single business management system in order to improve productivity, profitability and visibility in four companies. They chose SAP Business One version for SAP HANA, which we implemented for them.


Oil & Gas Field Services

SIC Code: 1389

Headquartered in Hong Kong, our customer has offices and joint ventures in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and USA. Their business activities include marketing and manufacturing lubricants; bunkering services; constructing and managing oil and gas storage facilities; owning and managing petroleum; liquid petroleum gas (LPG) retail stations; oil trading and property investments. We implemented SAP Business One to aid their day to day business operations.


Petroleum & Petroleum Products

SIC Code: 5172

Our customer is a trusted business partner in the petroleum and petrochemical industry. They offer financing, storage, blending and logistics services to a global client base. Our customer opted for SAP Business One, which we implemented for them.


Prepackaged Software

SIC Code: 7372

Our customer is a SAP Business One partner in the US. We provide them with specialized ad-hoc support services on an as-needed basis for their extended work in Singapore.


Motorcycles, Bicycles, & Parts

SIC Code: 3751

Our customer serves the cycling community in SIngapore, providing cyclists with a full selection of bikes as well as parts, accessories, clothing and nutritional products. They are using SAP Business One and CitiXsys' iVend Retail solution. We provide them with specialized ad-hoc support services on an as-needed basis.


Women's Accessory & Specialty Stores

SIC Code: 5632

Our customer is a distribution and wholesale company in Singapore providing a wide range of branded products ranging from health and beauty products to fashion goods, outdoor & sports products. Blue Ocean Systems took over the support of the SAP Business One system from their previous partner.


Prepackaged Software

SIC Code: 7372

A specialist in VOIP in solutions took up our solution stack to replace their existing disparate solutions. They were looking to handle their full business cycle, all the way from quotations, invoicing and after-sales support in a single environment. Our successful implementation has enabled them to have only one version of the truth, and have the ability to instantly act on issues such as late payments, non-payments, follow up on leads and to ensure top level support for existing customers.


Machinery, Equipment, & Supplies

SIC Code: 5080

A China based oilfield equipment specialist approached us to implement SAP Business One for their local entity, with the aim of having a more accurate view of their inventory and financials, which was previously running on spreadsheets and an accounting package. Our solution enabled them to have access to up to date information on their inventory status, increasing efficiency and lowering response times tremendously. This has led to an increase in their customer satisfaction, while decreasing the time spent on menial tasks such as maintaining physical price lists and pulling out records for past purchase prices.


Electric Lighting & Wiring Equipment

SIC Code: 3640

Our customer provides professional-grade lighting solutions to the residential, corporate and commercial sectors in the ASEAN countries. The SAP Business One solution in the Singapore office was originally implemented by another SAP partner. The customer was not happy with the post-implementation support. Blue Ocean Systems took over the support of their SAP Business One system, and at the same time, the customer tasked us to roll out the same system to their company in Malaysia. When the Malaysian Government implemented the Goods & Services Tax, we implemented a GST add-on in the SAP Business One system for their Malaysia entity.

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