Discover the top 10 features of SAP Business One that make it the most robust and popular SME ERP solution - one that will stick with you for the long run.


1. In-Memory Technology

Text Analytics and Search

  • Perform Text Search, Text Analytics, and Text Mining to unlock new insights from unstructured documents.

Spatial Data Processing

  • Leverage location-aware data by storing, processing, manipulating, and sharing directly in the in-memory database.

Predictive Analytics and Processing

  • The ability to make sense of Big Data allows you to establish best practices for optimization, and reduce decision latency.

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2. Simple User Interface

  • SAP Business One is a complete and flexible software solution to manage essential processes in small and midsize businesses.

  • SAP Business One's new cockpit dashboards provide a role-based experience across all lines of businesses and devices.

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3. Procurement

Simplified Purchasing Processes

  • Request quotations for items or services from your vendors or suppliers directly within the program, and easily compare offers.

Purchasing Reports for Tactical Insights

  • Analyze your purchasing information to refine your procurement processes and expenditure.
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4. Inventory Management

Item Master Record

  • Manage all items purchased, manufactured, sold, or kept as inventory.

Price Lists

  • Gain the flexibility to offer your customers customised prices based on your historical transactions and data.

Pick and Pack

  • Automate the processing of sales orders and accounts receivable invoices.
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5. Production

Bill of Materials

  • Keep track of all the child items and raw materials required to assemble and produce finished products.

Materials Requirements Planning

  • Plan your business requirements for manufacturing or porcurement based on your existing inventory, demands, and supplies.

Production Orders

  • Planners can automatically select recommended production orders and purchase orders for automatic creation.
  • Should outsourcing be needed, the system allows planners to easily convert a production order to a purchase order.
  • Purchase orders to the same supplier can be optionally consolidated into one order, streamlining the purchasing process.
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6a. Customer Relationship Management

Business Partner Management

  • Make use of the business partner master data to record and retrieve information about your business partners, and schedule activities.

Campaign and Activity Management

  • Create, maintain and analyze your marketing and communication activities in SAP Business one.

Sales Opportunity Management

  • Track and analyze pending opportunities. SAP Business One's forecasting methods allow you to project potential earnings and prioritize sales activities.
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6b. Sales

Sales Orders

  • Automatically updates your Inventory Management module
  • Optimize transactions and stockholding

Delivery and Returns

  • Automatically update inventory changes and accounting data.
  • Correct errors or record returns by creating credit memos.
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7. Service Management

Service Calls

  • Manage service and support activities that your company provides to your customers.
  • Document the source of your service calls and document activities and expenses related to these problems.

Equipment Cards

  • Track the history of items sold via serial numbers.
  • You can either specify each item's data manually, or enable the system to create equipment cards automatically for every item sold.
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8. Finance & Accounting


  • Record transactions, cash inflows, and expenses in SAP Business One by recording journal entries, taxes, recurring postings, and so on.

Multi-Currency Transactions

  • SAP Business One supports an unlimited number of currencies, allowing you to easily record and convert transactions in overseas markets.


  • Record all monetary transactions involving bank accounts and reconcile your records with external account statements.
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9. Dashboards & Analytics

SAP Business One Cockpit

  • Your very own personalized work center allows you to view, search, organize and perform work activities.


  • Create your own dashboards or use SAP Business One's predefined Crystal dashboards for easy-to-understand visualizations.
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10. Mobile Solutions

Access SAP Business One anywhere, any time

  • Empower your employees and keep them informed about their business on the go.

App Add-Ons

  • We work together with several partners who are experts in their field, to offer convenient. customized add-ons to your SAP Business One Solution.Blue Ocean Systems also develops our own applications.
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