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My Business is My Castle

Many, if not most, SMEs are privately owned. There are a few implications as a result:

  • Heavy involvement of business owners in day-to-day activities
  • Numerous responsibilities for business owners and management
  • A lot to decide for few decision-makers
  • More intuition and emotions than calculation and reasoning
  • Great resistance to change

Blue Ocean Systems works with SAP Business One to help SMEs:

  • Gain greater transparency and control
  • Make informed and objective decisions
  • Take a lot of work off the owners' and management's shoulders

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My Business is My Life

Many SMEs sacrifice short-term ROI in order to build lasting values. There are a few characteristics of such SMEs:

  • The owner usually has extensive private assets invested in the company
  • Priority is assigned to building a solid foundation instead of maximizing current profit
  • Owners are very exposed to the immediate results of their individual decisions
  • Decision makers in SMEs tend to be risk-averse and conservative

With the software environment changing fast and frequently, implementing a software solution that can help you to keep up with the changes will help you to build long-term value for your company.

Blue Ocean Systems works with SAP Business One to help you:

  • Adapt to changes in business long-term requirements
  • Lower your overall IT TCO (total cost of ownership)
  • Compare the success and efficiency of your business over many years
  • Build an executable long-term strategy for your company

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I Worry About Money

Many SMEs sacrifice short-term ROI in order to build lasting values. There are a few characteristics of such SMEs:

  • SMEs often have less access to capital than public companies
  • SMEs usually have to concede higher discounts to buyers than large companies
  • SMEs are often operating on low financial margins, and are exposed to higher financial volatility

For all these reasons, business owners tend to be more conservative when it comes to major infrastructure and software investments.

Blue Ocean Systems is aware of your valid financial concerns, and we work with SAP Business One to help you:

  • Mitigate financial risk thanks to industry and line of business best practices
  • Run your business more efficiently, increasing profitability and cash flow
  • Plan better and contrl margins more effectively
  • Apply for grants and financing solutions to cover your investment costs and reduce your risks

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I Want to Grow!

To many SMEs, the growth of your business and changes in the marketplace pose significant challenges.

  • Most of the growth and dynamics in the market come from SMEs, but they are more exposed to the wind of change in their industries
  • Decision making is fast and planning cycles are usually much shorter

Blue Ocean Systems works with SAP Business One to help you:

  • Benefit from SAP best practices and rapid adoption of the best technology on offer
  • Adjust to changes in the marketplace, and to business growth
  • Capitalize on online commerce and to keep up with the pace of innovation and digital transformation

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I Want to Remain Small

SMEs are often more flexible than large enterprises, and owners have greater control. However:

  • IT departments and support are often missing
  • Spontaneous management decisions sometimes replace formal decision-making
  • Some decisions may therefore lack the necessary depth of analysis
  • There is little to no budget for skill development
  • SMEs tend to rely more on experience and gut feelings than formal business expertise

Blue Ocean Systems works with SAP Business One to give you:

  • More extensive support to mitigate financial risks
  • Access to affordable online training if necessary
  • Intuitive user experiences in an easy to use program
  • Better decision-making tools with dashboards and analytics

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