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We recognise that SMEs need to place trust in all their partners, vendors and suppliers to work together for the benefit of their clients. With a trusted global eco-system of industry partners, Blue Ocean Systems is able to offer clients peace of mind in their ERP journey.

If you are an SME in the discrete manufacturing process industry, you are in very safe hands when working with Blue Ocean Systems and our award-winning partner Learn more about here.


What’s new with

SAP and HANA – forging ahead with innovation

In 2013, began the migration of key modules of their solution base to SAP HANA. This migration ensured that processes have been optimised for the SAP HANA platform. On a more technical level, has also extended its DI API object with an ODATA converter to ensure that SAP DI API and the SAP HANA service layer can operate in parallel.

The key benefits to customers of an SAP HANA based solution are:

  • Higher execution speed for various processes; in particular reporting, simulations and certain transactions
  • Excellent platform for continuous innovation and development


Release of 9.0 Patch 3

A milestone for with the release of Patch 3.

Major enhancements include;

1. Quality Control:

  • Extended release process at the order, sample or measuring position level
  • Link between Item and QC inspection plan in a seperate tab
  • Documents with confirmation, (audit log), rules, validity
  • Document per QC-Order
  • Templates with pre-defined measurement positions
  • Warehouse rules to define release and blocked warehouse
  • Collective posting
  • Support of bin locations and reservations
  • Blockage reasons and valuation of the measuring position/sample
  • Automatic or manual assignment of priorities via drag and drop
  • Definition of item-specific rules, which are considered in the QC inspection plan

2. External Production – Advanced Pricing

  • Conversion of price list unit (storage unit of the service item) to time receipt unit
  • Consideration of prices at blanket agreement and special price list
  • Scale price in pre-calculation for external operation
  • Stock-related prices

3. Advanced Batch and Serial Number Tracing

  • Batch tracking in production partial-booking and backflushing booking (order time receipt)
  • Assignment of order time receipt to charge-off or post-in documents
  • Display all links in the production structure view
  • A small batch / serial number tracking feature is integrated in the production structure view

4. Customisable Structure Views

  • In pre-calculation structure, item structure, work order structure and post-calculation structure view, the column width is customisable
  • Settings are stored per station

5. Consideration of Reserve

  • Reservations are continuously supported: now also in APS, QC-release, Pool report
  • Reservation list is easily adjustable
  • Origin document and previous documents can be opened directly
  • There is no validation against planned reservation (red entries)

6. Advanced Pricing

  • When no result on the first pricing is provided, a second pricing is used
  • Items without price will be highlighted in red in the pre-calculation
  • Current price lists are supported: price fields are blocked in the calculation, as we don’t work with a copy
  • Supports any number of price scales

7. Extended User Rights

  • User rights have been extended
  • New authorisation “employee user-rights” to determine whether a user is allowed to change the extended employee user rights
  • Separate authorisation for templates and window settings


Increasing number of users per installation worked with more than 25 new customers with a range of users per installation ranging between 3 and 80. This means that small and medium sized enterprises can be sure of having expert insights and knowledge based on their various needs, safe in the knowledge that has probably overcome any obstacles before and are well prepared for them.


Regulated industry growth

Due to the heavily regulated industries that their customers work in, continues to develop its expertise in these business scenarios.

Learn more about their Life Sciences client, Riemser Pharma GmbH, a specialty pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor that required the implementation of a manufacturing subsidiary and an international roll out.

Learn more about their Personal Care client, Phoenix Fragrances, who required comprehensive business processes from product development, regulatory, compliance and document management to production and distribution.

The features available from can be fully customised according to your specific needs. Together with the specialist team of consultants at Blue Ocean Systems, are dedicated to helping our manufacturing clients build even better, more sustainable businesses.

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