What’s the Cost Benefit of SAP Business One for SMEs?

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) struggle to justify many of their outgoing expenses, particularly when the return on investment is difficult to identify immediately.

SAP Business One solutions often fall into the category of ‘nice to have but not necessary until we grow’ for many SMEs. However, this can often be a costly mistake in terms of time, dollars and operational efficiencies when the small company grows exponentially without a business platform to sustain it.

You may be surprised to learn that 80% of SAP Business One customers have fewer than 50 users. These SMEs understand that investing in an end-to-end SAP solution only serves to enhance, and often, expedite their business growth. The initial upfront investment of money, time and process reengineering which an SAP implementation brings, can set a company on the path to future success in terms of revenue, employee attrition with sophisticated infrastructure and customer satisfaction.


Start Small, Grow Big

Designed exclusively for SMEs, SAP Business One is a single, affordable software that forms the core component of the SAP Business Management Solution that integrates the entire business across financials, sales, customers and operations of your company. Combining with industry-specific applications (“Apps”), SAP Business One can adapt to the unique and fast-changing business needs of your company. With SAP Business One and these Apps, your company can streamline operations, act on instant and complete information, and accelerate profitable growth.

SAP Business One offers superb scalability capability. As your business grows into new markets and new industries internationally, you can adapt and enhance the software to meet your changing needs. You can have access to over 550 Apps to extend the functionalities of your SAP Business One. In other words, you only buy and implement these Apps when you need them and when new budgets are available. At Group level, your company can also perform financial consolidation of the subsidiaries in the group. For simpler features that you need, you can even develop them using the software development kit that comes with SAP Business One.


In the Game to Win it

SMEs are not excluded from ever-increasing national and international guidelines governing finance, human resources, warehouse, and inventory management processes.

SAP Business One is the right solution and putting it in place from the early days mean that your company is immediately able to adhere to such requirements.


Growing Pains

Limited resources, inventory supplies, and restricted cash flow are some of the regular issues faced by SMEs. Swift, effective and long-term processes which are implemented and managed appropriately aid even small companies to operate on an increased efficiency level and eliminate work silos.


Always Mobile

SAP Business One has iPhone and iPad applications that enable SMEs to operate and deliver on the go, anywhere and anytime in the world.

This demo gives a good overview of SAP Business One.

SAP Business One offers SMEs a solution for the life of their organisation; growing and expanding when required and providing tailored support at each stage along the way.

Contact Blue Ocean Systems. We will describe the tangible benefits an SAP Business One solution can offer your small to medium sized enterprise today.

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