What’s in Store for SAP Business One Version 9.1?


Just around the corner is the release of SAP Business One 9.1 and SAP Business One 9.1, version for SAP HANA. As with all SAP releases and updates, the Blue Ocean Systems team is dedicated to bringing you the most up to date information as quickly as possible so you can be ahead of the trend on what’s new and improved with SAP Business One and HANA.


The two main things to note for this release are;

  • A common code base for SAP HANA database and Microsoft SQL Server
  • A focus on functional improvements and the simplification of implementing, operating, and using SAP Business One


Top-Level Highlights

Business logic and localisation

The new resource module will bring your organisation an exciting new way to monitor and manage machine, labour and other resources and their associated costs. With a link directly to fixed assets and employee data, your accounts will be in top shape, before the work has even begun.





Other key business logic updates include;

  • Enhanced Bill of Materials to better process and maintain production levels




  • A new method for calculating serial-numbered and batch managed items to accurately reflect cost variances and profitability
  • Ability to manage multiple business branches within one database whilst maintaining centralised stock management and choice of segmentation by business unit, product line, store etc.


  • Advanced G/L account determination resulting in easier process for reviewing and investigating anomalies before migration
  • New bin location weight restriction that can help to avoid weight overload and accidents




  • Enhanced price list function enabling mass price list updates




  • Optimised picking process by generating pick lists from invoices, transfer requests and purchase orders
  • Ability to track the internal costs of your fixed assets easily with cost centre information supported in A/R and sales documents
  • Advanced tax reporting capabilities enabling the generation of financial and tax reports from scratch


Reporting and analytics

Always a much-anticipated update for businesses that know the value of insightful reporting, version 9.1 is certain not to disappoint. A more streamlined report design and improved data sources are the top highlights for this update, as well as improved mobile and viewer support.


Lifecycle management and support

A welcome reduction in time and money spent on maintenance and support is the key highlight of the remote support platform for SAP HANA, as well as a reduced TCO due to automation, quicker installation times and reliable upgrades.



The new lightweight approach for add-on deployment will result in a more streamlined extension development and lifecycle management including add-ons and extreme apps.

The remote deployment and management via the Extension Management Platform also eliminates the need for end-user interaction or system admin privilege.



Infrastructure and architecture

Streamlined and simplified administrative processes make for happier employees, improved operational times and, ultimately, happy customers.




Key enhancements to infrastructure and architecture support this by;

  • Enabling administrators to create permission groups with specific authorisations (user-based)
  • Ability to remove unused functions from the user interface to speed up implementations
  • Improving the UI by personalising the dashboard according to personal choice and preference for their job role
  • Providing a copy and paste function between SAP Business One grids and Excel



  • Group email capabilities mean users can email a group of contacts based on department
  • Increased flexibility in email structure – e.g. default email and subject body for repetitive communication


SAP Business One 9.1, version for SAP HANA

For companies already enjoying the benefits of SAP Business One for HANA, version 9.1 is set to bring a range of exciting new enhancements, including;

  • Role-based cockpit for analytics bringing more simplified access to information and increased user experience (due to HTML5 technology)




  • New workbench widget manages daily documents for all major processes including sales, purchasing, inventory management and financials
  • Enhanced feature to bring business actions to pervasive dashboards and KPIs enabling drill down into business details
  • Additional dashboards can be created with filters to highlight critical data on dedicated dashboard



The Blue Ocean Systems team are excited about what these new changes mean for our clients, and their customers, so if you want more information, contact us today.


If you are not currently using SAP Business One, or SAP HANA, but want to know more, the team of ERP experts will happily guide you through the features most beneficial for your organisation and goals this coming year.


[All images courtesy SAP AG]


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