What the Year of the Monkey Can Teach Us in 2016

Year of the Red Fire Monkey

The Lunar New Year is almost upon us and as we await the beginning of the year of the red fire monkey, we take a look at what this cheeky but wise character can teach us in business, and sales in particular…

Attributes of the red fire monkey…

Enthusiastic, boundless energy

Fun, creative and passionate

Ready for anything

Quick to solve problems, often in unconventional ways

Dares to be different


How can we apply this to selling in the 21st century?

We are now in a time where old sales gimmicks and the traditional sales model (sales funnel) are no longer valid – instead consumers want authentic help to make a real difference to them.


Relationship building – more than just a sales transaction

Build a genuine relationship with your customers this year

Once you’ve sealed the deal – or even if you haven’t, it never hurts to share a warm cuppa with your customers to show that you’re viewing them with more than just dollar signs in your eyes.


Use the enthusiasm for your service/product to identify ways that you can help others. Whether they become customers or not should not be a concern at this point – building relationships that have their roots in trust and integrity should be your starting point. Once you cultivate relationships, you will find that the sales happen – but in a completely new and different way.


People work with people they can trust, not someone who has the right sales pitch and then leaves them cold.


The ‘enough’ mentality

Rethink your value proposition.

Take the iPad for example. Need music? Got it. A book to entertain you while you wait in line at the dentist? Sure. Access to your email while you’re 10,000 miles away from the office? No problem.


Gen Y’ers in particular already have enough – enough cash, enough things, and enough access to luxuries – in fact, they believe less is more and try to live a much more minimalistic and frugal lifestyle than their baby boomer parents.


So how can you appeal to this seemingly hard to reach yet significant market? Like the monkey, have some fun – get creative and show true passion for your product or service. It comes back again to being genuine and demonstrating integrity – Gen Y’ers (and many others) will see straight through an insincere and obvious sales pitch so rethink how you can capture this savvy segment.


Be prepared…for anything

keep calm and be prepared for anything

Expect nothing, but be prepared for anything.

Don’t panic when your environment changes – motivate yourself to strive harder instead.

It’s hard to quantify ‘anything’ in business, but as we posted recently, being equipped for any eventuality, particularly in digital transformation and marketing will set your organisation up well.

Your business could be affected by unforeseen events in the global economy, a sudden switch of market preferences or even a tweet from a competitor – so having the bedrock of your organisation running simple will ensure that you can navigate the tumultuous business landscape.


Problem solving through innovation

Pre sales research - are you included?

Search engines are a consumer’s best friend. Is your website even in the consideration set when they are looking for an information source before they make a purchase?


Today, consumers buy differently – they know what they want and often complete much of the traditional pre-sales research themselves. So how can your organisation ensure you are the one they come to when they’re ready to buy? And, more importantly, how can your organisation help them along the journey to selecting the best product that meets their needs?


“More than a third of customers pass through the first stage of the buying cycle with no vendor engagement, and 40% of buyer/seller interactions are self-guided, largely digital interactions.”


These are questions your organisation needs to ask itself because it will be different for everyone, but along a similar thread:

1) solve a consumer’s problem by offering them something for nothing and not expecting a sale

2) recognise that you might not be the solution for everyone, but that there is enough room for everyone to succeed.


Daring to be different?

Be different!

Be a Froot Loop in a world full of Cheerios!

This leads on from the point above and might seem a little controversial to some traditional sellers who believe anyone can be a target for their campaigns. Dare to be bold and different by using common sense and really answering the question – what issue does your business solve and how does it benefit people?


Only when you have defined these criteria can you begin to look at where, and to whom, you can add real value. That’s where you need to focus your sales efforts, instead of an old-style scattergun approach that usually yields limited results.


If you’re ready to sell in the 21st century and want the tools to know your market even better, contact the Blue Ocean Systems team of ERP consultants today.



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Blue Ocean Systems wishes all our clients, customers, vendors, and readers a very Happy Chinese New Year and we wish you happiness and prosperity in the year of the red fire monkey!


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