What does SAP quality look like?

The Quality Approach

What does Quality Management within an SAP implementation look like? Successful implementations don’t just happen – if only they could! They take months of planning and preparation from Blue Ocean Systems and the business sponsor along with lots of communication internally for the organisation. Change management can be one of the biggest success or failure factors of adopting SAP Business One (read our recent post on change management here).

But, by following tried and tested procedures and SAP’s 41 years in the business, we can ensure the whole implementation runs as smoothly as it possibly can. We speak about collaboration a lot at Blue Ocean Systems, and this doesn’t come in any more relevant than when we are talking about a quality approach to our projects.

Below is an overview of what you can expect from an implementation with us:

SAP Active Quality Management

  • This methodology ensures that SAP solutions meet the highest possible standards

  • Collaborative quality approach – letting you (the organisation) remain in control and allowing us (the implementation partner) to fully support you in your goals

  • Helping you to minimise the cost of quality by doing it right, first time

  • Setting the scene – our best practices:

Collaborative Quality Charter

Starting at the beginning to outline the success factors for the project.

Collaborative Quality Plan

A concise document listing the interdependencies, desired outcomes, and ownership over each area.

Collaborative Quality Forum

A group of stakeholders led by the sponsor to regularly discuss the success of the implementation. An opportunity to highlight any pitfalls encountered and corrective measures needed. Also an open communication channel between all parties.


10 SAP Quality Principles

By following these guiding principles, we are setting the project up in an optimum way.

1. Understand the business objectives as well as the technical requirements

We listen, we understand, we learn about your organisation and its mission, goals and future aspirations. This isn’t just any IT project.

2. Agree on what can be delivered, in what time frame, and how timely delivery can be ensured

Making false promises doesn’t help anyone. Setting realistic expectations based on fact and openly communicating any changes means we can enjoy a trusting, long-lasting business relationship with our clients.

3. Work cooperatively with all stakeholders to achieve project objectives

As part of the Collaborative Quality Forum, we work with you to set out your objectives for the project and help to make sure we achieve them together.

4. Apply a suitable project governance model

If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for anyone. We’ve learnt that flexibility is key in each unique client project.

5. Staff the project with sufficient resources who have the right skills and experience

This applies to our team as well as yours and we guide you through all of your resource requirements ahead of the project (don’t be mistaken that an IT person will be able to manage this alone!)

6. Manage the project professionally using a formal methodology

We leverage over four decades of SAP’s best practices to ensure that the project has a successful launch and conclusion. Although your organisation is unique, we can adapt trusted methodology to most situations.

7. Identify and manage risks and issues jointly

Every company has its own risk tolerance level, and we respect that this can change throughout the life cycle of a project. We guide you through the potential risks, help you mitigate them and collaborate on the solution.

8. Develop and execute a quality plan

Together with you we define what the quality elements are for the project (this might be different for each client) and set out together to make sure they are fulfilled.

9. Ensure that the project team understands where standard SAP software functionality and industry specific best practices will best suit its needs

We work with our global partner ecosystem to bring to you specific solutions needed for your business. Sometimes standard isn’t right for you and we’ll guide you through this.

10. Achieve operational readiness with training and change management activities

Together, we ensure that every team member is on board with the system and equipped to handle their daily activities in a much more efficient way.

As an SAP Gold Partner, Blue Ocean Systems is proud to adopt the SAP quality vision, mission and policy:



Consistently deliver high quality solutions focused on improving customer satisfaction.



  • Research and develop new methods and standards
  • Proactively communicate and share knowledge
  • Apply the knowledge to enhance our products, processes and services
  • Continually monitor and improve our performance against set targets
  • Strive for prevention of failure, defect reduction and increased customer satisfaction



Quality is the basic requirement for the satisfaction of our customers and the resulting competitiveness and economic success of SAP. The Executive Board dedicates itself to the implementation and monitoring of the following principles:

  • SAP employees shall work according to the Quality Management System applicable in their area.

  • SAP employees shall undertake all actions required to maintain a close cooperation with internal and external customers and partners, and a performance-oriented communication with its suppliers.

  • Continual improvement of our products, processes, and services coupled with innovation is at the center of our endeavors. To this end, SAP employees shall further optimize our organizational, operational, and technical processes. Quality Management shall support the business-oriented behavior of all parties involved.

  • Promoting employee satisfaction and quality awareness are major managerial functions in the entire company. Quality shall be an integrated element of daily business for everyone.

  • Integrity, excellence, partnership, innovation, and openness are required from all SAP employees to achieve the goals. They have to know the input requirements to comply with quality in their area. Internal education is provided to help SAP employees fulfill their tasks.

  • Quality goals are regularly defined, implemented, and monitored by responsible parties within the framework of our Quality Management Systems.

[Gerhard Oswald, Management Representative and Member of the SAP Executive Board. Source]


We know that quality needs to be at the heart of every project in your organisation and we set out to ensure that your SAP implementation enhances your business operations in exciting new ways.

Contact the Blue Ocean Systems team today for more information on how we can inject quality into your organisation.


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