What Does 2014 Hold for Blue Ocean Systems?

This post was previously published on 10 January 2014. For more up to date information on the PIC scheme and other budget initiatives, please refer to our most recent blog post on Singapore Budget updates, with the latest available information from IRAS. For the full details, visit the IRAS PIC site.

We are excited to kick-start the new year at Blue Ocean Systems and we have already set our plans in place to make 2014 the best year yet! Join us on this journey and discover how far we have come, and what we have planned for the next 12 months…


The Blue Ocean Systems Vision

To become a leader in Business Management and Business Intelligence Solutions in Asia and in becoming a trusted partner that our clients can depend on to amplify their businesses.


The Blue Ocean Systems Mission

To deliver outstanding Business Management and Business Intelligence Solutions and services so that our clients are able to harness the advantages of information technology – improving their profitability, operational efficiencies and making timely and better informed decisions.


Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Leadership
  • Quality
  • Teamwork


Our Goals for 2014

  • Grow sustainably
  • Maintain our market leadership
  • Rise to top tier of SAP B1 VARs in Singapore
  • Become an SAP HANA leader
  • Become even more innovative and productive
  • Become a more Blue Ocean ‘strategy’ company


Improvements to Our Operations in 2014

  • Consistently working to improve our productivity and workflow at all stages
  • More regular activity reporting so we stay on track
  • Tap into various government funded programmes to improve our productivity, capabilities and to become more innovative [read more about our Design Thinking work from last year here]


How our internal improvements will benefit our customers

  • Further enhancing our quality project management principles so clients get even more simple and hassle free implementations

  • Identifying and filling expertise gaps so more clients in different industries can benefit from SAP Business One and SAP HANA

  • Building a knowledge base of implementation resources that will provide a cohesive and consistent service

  • Regular in-house customer training to forge stronger relationships with our clients and better understand their requirements


How we plan to help our customers even more in 2014

  • PIC

    Introducing and educating clients on how to take full advantage of the Singapore PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credit) that runs for another year. This cost-effective government incentive enables small and medium-sized businesses to leverage business management tools such as SAP Business One whilst being able to offset a large proportion of the associated costs. We have already helped many clients to achieve their business goals with a greatly reduced financial output and we look forward to doing even more in 2014.

    [Read more about the PIC here]



    Supporting and guiding our clients to achieve phenomenal business success by using the powerful analytical tools within SAP HANA. The in-memory technology enables businesses to gather and merge their Big Data sources into predictive analysis models to break into new markets, create even more targeted campaigns as well as predict and take advantage of future consumer trends. We know this is a game changer in terms of what businesses, even growing organisations, will be able to achieve in the future and we are excited to be at the forefront of such technology in Singapore.

    [Read more about SAP HANA here]


  • SAP Business One Apps

    We strive to bring our clients the latest tools and trends applicable to their industry from manufacturing (discrete & process), retail, as well as maintenance, repairs and overhaul (MRO). In 2014, we will be bringing the most up to date features for the B1 Apps and how they can be used to maximise output for organisations.

    [Read more about SAP Business One Apps here]


  • New Trends

    We love technology and how it can improve the lives of our clients, and their customers. We endeavour to always bring the latest technological advances to the attention of our clients and provide education and information about how it can positively influence the way they work. In 2014, new features in SAP Business One and SAP HANA such as text analytics, action pervasive analytics and enhanced e-commerce solutions will become fundamental in the way we do business – and Blue Ocean Systems will deliver you what you need to know.


We are really excited about the advances in technology 2014 will bring and we look forward to working with you to enhance and supercharge your business this year!


Contact the Blue Ocean Systems team to talk about how they can help you make 2014 the defining year for your business.


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