Want to get the most out of your SAP Business One and SAP HANA?


Blue Ocean Systems is always seeking ways to help local SMEs to maximise their business potential. We believe that when you make the decision to propel your business by implementing SAP Business One and SAP HANA, you should be supported in the best way possible. That means learning the full workings of all the tools in the system, discovering new ways of carrying out your operations, and creating opportunities for growth and innovation with the latest analytics.


How is Blue Ocean Systems assisting SMEs to maximise their SAP Business One solution?

From June 2015, Blue Ocean Systems Singapore will be offering two courses for SAP Business One Version for SAP HANA.

In cooperation with Lithan Hall Academy, the part-time courses will include 12 units delivered across 6 weeks of evening classes, each lasting 3 hours.

The two courses available are:

1. Next Generation ERP with SAP Business One on SAP HANA

2. Analytics and the inner-workings of SAP HANA

On Friday May 15 there will be an introductory event at Lithan Hall Academy to explain how your business will benefit from SAP HANA. Register here and secure your free seat.


What will participants learn?

The courses offer a fast-track, hands-on opportunity for SAP B1 Version for HANA users to gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills that they can apply immediately within their organisation.


Next generation ERP with SAP Business One on SAP HANA

The first course will be covering the complete ERP functions and processes of Business One in detail. It will emphasise specific features of the SAP Version for HANA as well as give an overview of the special analytic features of HANA.


The topics covered are extensive and include:

  • Week 1 – Concepts and Master Data – ERP / SAP B1 basics, HANA in-memory technology, BI, analytics and configuration

  • Week 2 – Procurement and inventory – Purchase quotation and vendor selection, warehouse and bin management, UoM and inventory transfer

  • Week 3 – CRM, sales and production – CRM, dynamic availability to promise (ATP), bill of materials (BOM) and Work In Progress (WIP)

  • Week 4Financials, fixed asset and banking – Cost accounting, cash flow management, currencies and payment wizard

  • Week 5Service management and administration – Service contracts and tickets, backup and restore, authorisations

  • Week 6Analytics, B1 apps and B1 HANA – Crystal reports, interactive analytics and KPI dashboard


Analytics BI and the inner-workings of SAP HANA

The second course, commencing in August, is more technical and is aimed at being a follow-up, although those who are already familiar with SAP Business One will have no problem following this technical course. The concepts of SAP Business One and SAP HANA will be looked at in more detail.

It will cover the inner workings of the In-Memory database technology of HANA, how a SAP Business One system is setup on a HANA appliance, in which ways Business One can be enriched with custom-made add-ons or even self-developments and how to utilise the powerful analytical capabilities of SAP Business One running on SAP HANA.


The analytics course covers the following topics:

  • Week 1 – Concepts and B1 HANA – HANA overview, implications for business software architecture

  • Week 2 – Business processes – Overview & Master Data, procurement and inventory management, CRM, sales and production, financials and fixed asset banking, service management and administration

  • Week 3 – Implementation Methodology & Migration / OS SUSE Linux – Implementation methodology, common migration scenarios and the basic concepts of SUSE Linux

  • Week 4Customisation and development – Master Data, customisation and workflow, HANA Studio and perspectives, development (JavaScript), SAP Business One Service Layer and data modelling

  • Week 5Analytics – Crystal Reports, pervasive and interactive analytics, KPI indicators, MS Excel integration and SAP Lumira integration

  • Week 6Inter Company Integration & Resources – Horizontal, vertical, B1-B1 integration, SCN and Code Jam, SAP Add-On Marketplace, SAP startup.focus and Hackathons – UP Singapore


Who are the courses aimed at?

  • Singapore based SMEs who want to improve their business operations through ERP technology

  • Business professionals, industry consultants who want to enhance their service delivery to clients across, for example, change management, project management and development

  • Entrepreneurs and those interested in technology for start-ups and SMEs


How will the courses be delivered?

The course participants will have access to a Live SAP Business One system so the learning content can be repeated in a self-paced mode.


How much do the courses cost?

The two programs are overseen as well as heavily funded by the Work Development Agency (WDA) of Singapore. For eligible SMEs, funding is available to cover approximately 90% of the fees.


How can I find out more information?

If you are interested in joining these valuable courses, we invite you to a preview session on Friday, May 15. Please register your interest here.

The agenda for the preview session:

  • Introduction to the training program
  • Increase business success while simplifying your IT system landscape with SAP HANA
  • Course overview
  • Funding
  • Q&A


For full course details, please click the links below:

Next Generation ERP with SAP Business One on HANA
Analytics and the inner-workings of SAP HANA



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