Improve Customer Satisfaction with a Self-service Solution

ZiZu for SAP Business One version SAP HANA

Meet ZiZu – the Future Proof Commerce solution you (might not have known that you) need. What does ZiZu even mean? Grab a chair and a hot cuppa and we’ll tell you its story.

The story so far…

Customer Self Service Solution S3

ZiZu wasn’t always known as such – once upon a time, ZiZu was known as S3 (pronounced as S Cube) and stood for Self-Service Solutions. Pretty nifty, don’t you think?

Still, catchy as it was, something was missing. With that in mind, we brainstormed for a long time, coming up with as many creative names as we could and finally deciding on ZiZu.


Okay, but how did S3 come to be anyway?


Many companies in Singapore are dealing with a tightening labour market while struggling to transition to digital solutions in all areas of their business. Our SME customers in particular are looking for ways to enlarge business without putting a heavy burden on their organization.


Naturally one is thinking to offer products online and opening a web-shop.


But can you imagine the work necessary to make your product catalog internet ready? As such, existing e-commerce solutions are not the most appropriate for their needs. Connectors, interfaces, double pricelists, … you name it. And in the end the processes in the back office stay almost the same.

Eager to see what we could do to help them out, we began development of a comprehensive solution that is far more than just a webshop.



Over the past half year or so, our developers have been working on the solution with heavy involvement from one of our long-time customers, and expressed interest from other customers who are in the loop. An earlier version of ZiZu has been deployed for the aforementioned customer.


The main idea behind ZiZu: Empowering your customers.


Hold your horses – you’ll find out more about what our solution does in our videos below!


How did the name ZiZu come about?

ZiZu for Customer Satisfaction


Some of our Chinese readers may already have guessed – ZiZu is derived from the Chinese characters ??, meaning “self help” or “self service”. We dropped the “h” to anglicize the name, and ended up with ZiZu (pronounced Zee Zoo) – simple, easy to pronounce, while paying tribute to its Asian roots.


Come on, tell me what ZiZu does now!


We know you’ve been waiting for it, so hit play and get acquainted with ZiZu! Our introduction video only takes 2 minutes and 7 seconds of your time.

Did you catch all that?

ZiZu works with the power of SAP HANA to help you make the lives of your customers and staff easier, empowering your customers with any information they may need in relation to your business 24 hours a day, thus allowing your staff to perform more value-added tasks instead (like pursuing leads with the new SAP Business One Sales App).


I’d like to see ZiZu for real…

Reordering items and analysing past transactions is a breeze with ZiZu! Our demo video takes you through ZiZu in the eyes of your customers.


As a business owner using our solution:

  • You can analyse your customers’ behaviour based on their online interactions
  • Potential sales are recorded in your customers’ carts, and frequently used search terms could indicate gaps in your product range
  • You could use your understanding of your customers’ behaviour to automatically suggest substitute or complementary items as they browse through your ZiZu interface
  • ZiZu can reduce the processing time for a quotation request from 3 working days down to 3 minutes
  • Your sales team can follow up on requests immediately; increasing your closing rate by an estimated 25-30%.


What do you think? We’re confident both you and your customers will love the ease of using ZiZu.


Do you want to find out more about ZiZu? Visit our ZiZu page here or click our download banner above to get our fact sheet!


As always, for any questions, suggestions, or feedback, do leave a comment below, or contact us!




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