Upgrade Signals Key Milestone on the SAP Business One Roadmap

2013 is here and the latest version of SAP Business One is on its way! Version 9.0 brings a number of upgrades, enhancements and new features and we are very excited about the improvements our customers will enjoy.

You will hear lots more in-depth updates from Blue Ocean Systems over the coming weeks about the SAP Business One Version 9.0 but let’s first introduce you to the main enhancements.


1) Business Logic improvements

Bin location functionality (for inventory)

Includes new ability to locate items

  • Warehouse activation – includes split warehouse support (down to zone, area, shelf, row!)

  • Default bin locations available ‘per item, per group and per warehouse’

  • All inventory processing supports bin locations

  • Improved capabilities to manage reserved products

Inventory counting

Define more flexible count frequencies and set reoccurrences for these frequencies

  • Improved documentation to support inventory taking process

  • Ability to count exact number of serial and batch managed items

Multiple Units of Measure

Single units of measure can be grouped together as a subset based on conversion rules

  • Ability to sell and purchase in any unit measure required

Purchase Requests

Create purchase requests as a preliminary step of the purchasing process

Price lists and discount groups

Set active and validity period for price lists and discount groups

  • Payment and deposit cancellation – supports the cancellation of payments with deposited cheques

  • Supports the cancellation of deposited cheque

Cancellation of marketing documents

New ‘Cancellation’ marketing document created with each cancellation procedure

  • Supports countries where it is not legally compliant to create a Credit Memo document for incorrectly added invoices


2) Business infrastructure

Saving a selection criteria for financial reports

Users can prepare a report using specific subsets of G/L accounts and save the selection criteria including the expanded selection

  • Flexibility to save a selection for different types of reporting areas e.g. IFRS, US GAAP, group reporting for any legal purposes

Financial search function

The ‘Find’ option for selecting G/L accounts has been expanded

  • Ability to add columns for G/L accounts selection

  • Manual reconciliation of down payment requests – Ability to complete down payment process using manual internal reconciliation functionality

  • Consistent behavior with standard down payment process

SAP Crystal Reports 2011 & Server 2011 Integration

View reports and layouts designed by SAP Crystal Reports 2011

  • Edit reports or layouts from SAP Business One, in the SAP Crystal Reports 2011 designer

  • Preview the uploaded reports from SAP Business One


3) Business Process Integration

Electronic File Manager

Ability to translate generic electronic and bank payment file formats

  • Support global businesses with multilingual environments

Implementation Centre

Centralisation of implementation tools into the implementation Tasks Window

  • Quick copy is a new solution to copy data between companies

Implementation Centre

Implemetation project – out of the box project management checklists based on Accelerated Implementation Program (AIP) methodology

  • 3 program templates available in all languages supported by SAP Business One

SAP Business One workflow

Manage your customised business processes

  • Decrease company process learning curve

  • Control complex business process flows using conditions


4) Extensibility & Supportability

UI API Object Level Events

The UI API has simplified the handling of events in SAP Business One using Object Level Events.


5) Technical infrastructure

System landscape directory (SLD)

New SLD service for security configuration and server management

  • SLD service added to Server Tools installation and replaces current security configuration process.

64bit support for SAP Business One

Native 64bit Business One Client utilizes all of the available memory on a client system

  • 64bit client released together with 32bit edition


6) Lifecycle management

Installation and upgrades

New system landscape directory for security configuration and server management

  • Advanced company upgrade options

This is just a small insight into the improvements to SAP Business One. Watch out for our upcoming posts to learn more about the benefits this will bring to your organisation.

View SAP Business One 9.0 in action in these informative videos. Download our brochure regarding SAP Business One Ver 9.0 updates.


Have SAP Business One 9.0 questions? Contact the Blue Ocean Systems team of specialists.


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