How important is profit to your SME?

Whilst profit is a major focus for any organisation, it’s smaller and medium sized enterprises that are so much more reliant on generating and growing their margins to remain viable, particularly in challenging economic environments. It might be easy to assume, therefore, that they are more risk averse, or don’t make the same investments as their more…

Counting on your inventory

Any stock-led organisation will know the importance of strict stock control – cash flow, storage costs and wastage are all negatively impacted when inventory is not managed efficiently. Part of efficient stock management involves stock counting to match what your warehouse is storing to what the spread sheet says you should have. This important, and…

Your Pick & Pack for Success in Supply Chain

In the supply chain management world, pick & pack is a vital step of the process, ensuring that the distribution of goods (often retail) is completed efficiently. It involves disassembling an amount of goods, selecting (picking) the relevant product for each onwards destination and repacking it with the relevant shipping and financial documentation.

Connecting your remote workforce to your customers

As our customers know, Blue Ocean Systems likes to be at the forefront of technology that enables organisations to run smarter. This includes new tools and applications from our partners that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of SAP Business One. This week, we’d like to introduce our latest solution partner app – coresuite by coresystems.

Production Highlights in SAP B1 Ver 9.1

In the recently released version of SAP Business One, the Production enhancements offer manufacturing clients significant benefits, particularly those in (or working towards) light manufacturing. In this week’s post we have summarised some of the major updates and the benefits they can bring to an organisation’s production capability.

Have you heard about RFID?

It’s a new year and we at Blue Ocean Systems are excited about bringing our clients even more value from their SAP Business One platform this year. We’ve recently started work with Intrasys to make this happen for our clients through what is thought to be the next step in IT evolution – R.F.I.D –…

Accessing a Whole New World

At Blue Ocean Systems, we are always working to bring clients the latest and best tools to support their business goals. Our global ecosystem of industry partners delivers solutions for everything from manufacturing, ecommerce and HR to healthcare and equipment maintenance. Recently we have also started working with Ericom, a leading provider of browser-based tools…