10 Business Improvements SAP Business One 9.2 Will Bring

It’s that time again – when the hotly anticipated SAP Business One release arrives and the numerous enhancements help SMEs to run smarter and simpler than ever before. As always, there is a lot in the latest release, but we’ve summarised the biggest and best changes for you time-conscious business owners to easily digest. There…

The smaller the better for efficiency within SMEs?

With all the business challenges faced by small and medium sized enterprises – unstable economic conditions, a constantly changing competitive landscape, the proliferation of technology – to name a few – it’s no wonder that they often question whether they even want to grow into a larger organisation with all the trappings of growth that…

Giving control back to your customers with self-service solutions

It might surprise you to learn that your customers don’t actually want to speak to you when they have an issue to resolve! To put that into context, almost 70% of customers would prefer to resolve their issues on their own instead of having to contact you and spend precious time explaining their situation and…

How RFID helps you track your way to success

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is nothing new; we have been using the technology to track lost dogs through their embedded microchip, as security tags on clothes items in stores and in security access doors for many years now. But it’s also fast becoming an option for a growing number of other business processes, including inventory…

Your Pick & Pack for Success in Supply Chain

In the supply chain management world, pick & pack is a vital step of the process, ensuring that the distribution of goods (often retail) is completed efficiently. It involves disassembling an amount of goods, selecting (picking) the relevant product for each onwards destination and repacking it with the relevant shipping and financial documentation.

Connecting your remote workforce to your customers

As our customers know, Blue Ocean Systems likes to be at the forefront of technology that enables organisations to run smarter. This includes new tools and applications from our partners that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of SAP Business One. This week, we’d like to introduce our latest solution partner app – coresuite by coresystems.

Why You Need a Digital Capability Framework

Whilst the majority of companies probably acknowledge the benefits of today’s range of technologies, and most adopt some of those tools for everyday business processes, we know that there is still a significant gap in where those companies want their technology to take them, and where they are today. The reasons?