Top 12 blog posts by Blue Ocean Systems in 2015

Best Blog Posts of 2015 by Blue Ocean Systems

At Blue Ocean Systems we are proud to provide our customers regular and relevant content that gives them insight, knowledge and tools to run their business in the best way possible.

We produce weekly, industry-focussed blog posts that look at challenges faced by SMEs in the region, strategies for business improvement and how SAP Business One can help to streamline processes. We also update you on relevant business news from Asia-Pacific and what the BOS team has been up to.

Here are some of our favourite posts from 2015…


The biggest army doesn’t always win the battle

The advantages of being a smaller company include being agile enough to respond quickly to the market and entering new territories with less risky strategies than your larger competition.

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Working on your workflow.

Workflows in business are a necessary and useful way to ensure tasks are completed using the correct resources, performed in the established order to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity, as well as auditing and business process compliance requirements.

We help clients across a variety of industries to simplify their big (and small) processes through effective use of the SAP Business One and SAP Business One for HANA workflow tool.

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Reaching new heights at the SAP Innovation Summit

2015 kicked off with SAP’s biggest product and strategy announcements in over 20 years; a commitment that SAP’s future will be HANA and HANA only. Consequently, HANA was the central topic at the SAP B1 Innovation Summit in Bangkok attended by the BOS team in March.

It was the first time the summit was held in the APJ region, and although it was repeated in Europe and USA later in the year, sharing the hottest news with us first shows the important role SAP sees our region playing.

Blue Ocean Systems attended and presented at the summit with a large group of colleagues from sales, consulting and development.

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Insightful insights for SMEs

Sophisticated reporting and intelligent analytics are no longer luxuries reserved for the big players – SMEs are now able to leverage the same level of business insights through their ERP.

But what do analytics do for SMEs?

With the right kind of insights, growing organisations can propel themselves into new markets, expand their product range, and experiment with minimal risk and cost.

Analytics can open an organisation’s eyes to market trends, patterns and behaviours that would otherwise be missed; identifying the optimum time to launch a new product, understanding seemingly unrelated business events and quickly responding to your market’s changing demands are just a few examples.

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Use your UI to the max

Who doesn’t want things their own way when it comes to user interface design? After all, employees across all skill levels are much more used to technology than ever before in their personal lives and they are accustomed to having smartphone and tablet applications set up just how they want them.

So, why do many organisations think that employees won’t mind using a less than user-friendly application where they spend most of their day, i.e. in front of their work screen?

For some SMEs, the technology they use does not allow for customisation at all, but SAP Business One users can rest assured that they can maximise their user experience at the click of a few buttons.

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BOS wins the Fiori challenge

Blue Ocean Systems was proud to share the news in June that one of our very own, intern Jacob Tan, was announced as one of three winners from over 1500 submissions to the SAP Fiori Design and Build Challenge as part of the openSAP course, Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud. Check out this gallery where 170 participants are now showcasing their app prototypes.

We caught up with Jacob to learn more about the challenge and what comes next for him! Read the interview.


What’s going wrong with your KPIs?

Wanting to measure and monitor performance is nothing new for businesses, and yet many SMEs still seem to be in the dark about how they are doing, both internally, as well as compared to their peers.

Using measures, metrics and indicators (KPIs) is a well practised method for organisations to benchmark against others in their industry or market and track how things are going compared to what the business initially set out to do.

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BOS team picks -> in-memory database technology

When asked by our clients about the features of SAP Business One version SAP HANA and which ones would benefit them the most, it’s a hard task to narrow it down. So in a new series of posts we started in August, each of the Blue Ocean Systems team members will showcase their favourite feature so you get to see SAP HANA and SAP Business One on a whole new level.

First up was Arun and his first SAP Business One pick – In-Memory Technology.

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Giving control back to your customers with self-service solutions

It might surprise you to learn that your customers don’t actually want to speak to you when they have an issue to resolve! To put that into context, almost 70% of customers would prefer to resolve their issues on their own instead of having to contact you and spend precious time explaining their situation and what they want.

Whilst this mainly applies in the transactional or retail sectors, there are also strong reasons for B2B companies to empower their customers – for example, reducing the pressure on internal resources answering repeat queries.

Learn how BOS can help.


How to prepare for the inevitable digital disruption

Disruptions by their very nature are hard to predict but, for SMEs, it’s vital that you are aware that they will happen, and keep happening. This applies to any and all industries – as technology doesn’t discriminate. But with some insights and key industry factors you can at least better prepare yourself for when the tide hits.

Learn how.


4 risks of a data security breach

Think systems and data breaches only affect the big players like ebay and Target? Think again. Whether it’s hackers accessing your system and demanding compensation to restore it via programs such as Ransomware or specific interest groups releasing (or threatening to release) private and consumer data, such as identifying information and credit card details, the threats are real, and they are everywhere. But they can be avoided.

Learn how.


BOS Zeitgeist

At Blue Ocean Systems, we talk a lot about the importance of reviewing your organisation’s achievements and looking for ways to improve things even further. So, as we near the end of 2015, we look back over the past 12 months for our organisation and it’s been a year we can all be extremely proud of.

Despite a somewhat slower year in the economy compared to the previous few, we made some huge leaps forward as a business. We also focussed internally and used our time wisely to grow our team’s skills and presence within the market.

Read our 2015 highlights in part 1 and part 2.


We hope you’ve enjoyed these (and all our other) posts and we look forward to bringing more relevant content to you in 2016. Of course, we always love to hear from customers so if you would like to suggest some topics for next year, enter your ideas in the comments field below. 


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