Thank You for Making Our Event a Success!

Thank you!

It was a pleasure to meet you at our SME event last Thursday! For those of you who couldn’t make it and would like to speak to our team, please contact us  here, or join our mailing list (on the right) to be informed of our future events.

On 15th October, Blue Ocean Systems teamed up with our partners AG Net and Ascendere 9 to discuss challenges faced by SMEs in Singapore today, sharing information on available solutions to help them overcome these challenges.


Is your SME facing sluggish growth?

Do you have trouble getting the right people for the right jobs?

Are you struggling to make the conversion to mobile technology?


These were common topics of concerns addressed during the session, and issues that we help our clients to solve. Do these issues sound familiar to you? Team BOS is always on hand to help.



As a gesture of goodwill, Team BOS held a lucky draw, with seminar attendee Kimberline Goh winning a brand new Apple Watch! Congratulations, Miss Goh!

We look forward to meeting our readers at our next event, so stay tuned for updates here, and we hope to see you soon.


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