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Data is something we talk to our customers about a lot. How they handle it, how much they have, how quickly it grows within their organisation, the evolving sources of data, and what they want to do with it. Often, SMEs know they need to do something to make the most of their data and understand it more, but they struggle to make this desire a reality.


Some of the most common data issues we hear include:

  • My organisation has numerous structured and unstructured data sources but I can only look at them independently

  • We have too many sources of data to take any useful information from them

  • By the time we have pulled and analysed the data, it is too late to do anything with it as it quickly becomes outdated

  • I spend many hours manually reviewing data, and I’m not always sure I can rely on it

  • Our sources of data are increasing so quickly, we find it difficult to keep up

  • We can’t afford to hire the resources we need to perform data mining and analysis activities

  • I find it hard to understand and interpret the data we can retrieve

  • I think if we had better insights from our data, we could offer a better service to our customers

  • We want to equip our employees with better knowledge of the business but we don’t know how to

There are many more issues we hear from SMEs about their enterprise data challenges and we always enjoy helping clients to understand how SAP Business One can help them to overcome them.

With SAP Business One’s Enterprise Search function, SMEs are able to quickly transform their data into meaningful and actionable insights, or simply respond quickly to the needs of internal or external stakeholders. With this knowledge and ability, SMEs are able to embed trustworthy data analysis activities into their daily business routine, with very little effort.


What does the SAP Business One Enterprise Search do for my business data?


Think of it like Google in your computer – imagine being able to input anything you want to search for within your organisation and be shown the relevant data that you are looking for, in real time.


The Enterprise Search function enables:

  • An organised search of structured and unstructured data across your business – that means a simple search term can show you everything from relevant invoices, documents, social media feeds and images instantly

  • A plain text conversion of your files for easy analysis

  • Your business specific terminology can be catalogued for quicker search results

  • Query processing – just like a Google search, you can enter almost anything and you will be shown relevant results and suggestions

Remember that it’s vital that your organisation can combine the extraction and analysis of structured data (from spread sheets, databases and information systems) as well as unstructured data (from social media, images, audio, video and mobile) to bring you truly useful results and insights.


How can the SAP Business One Enterprise Search transform your business?

The search function within SAP Business One is more than a search tool that displays your organisation’s data in a nice way. It can ultimately transform the way your organisation works.

Imagine how your business could be improved if:

  • Your regional sales team could quickly pull up all real time sales activities and opportunities across all regions and collaborate to close the deals

  • You could display the business data you are looking for instantly from all business streams and sources

  • You could pull all files from a particular date based on an event within your organisation or the market that you want to investigate further

  • You could be shown data with only a partial input to the search field

  • You could search for all the files that you, or another user, worked on on a particular date

  • Create specific search parameters that can be repeated as often as you want with updated information

  • You could search all communication with a particular client, business partner or employee – the search result can include email and web content as well as internal documents, files and images

  • Your business resources could spend time innovating and growing the business, instead of trawling through spread sheets of unhelpful statistics


The last point is probably the most poignant because organisations need to increasingly stay ahead in their own game, and not waste time on manual processes.

Having a robust enterprise search function gives you back the time to be innovative!


Contact us at Blue Ocean Systems to start finding the data your organisation is looking for, and uncovering the insights you never knew were possible!


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