SAP Business One Made Even More Affordable

At Blue Ocean Systems we see many small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) struggle with the decision to make the investment into a SAP Business One solution. They know it makes sense from a business and operational perspective, but they find it hard to justify such an upfront cost when the results are often intangible for some time.

To enable our clients to leverage the benefits of SAP Business One, Blue Ocean Systems partners with a trusted global finance firm to offer qualified prospects and customers attractive financing terms.

Blue Ocean Systems works with this unique finance partner to provide our customers with a one-stop IT financing option when they choose to invest in SAP Business One solutions.

Some of the many reasons why our customers consider financing options include:

  • Match costs to benefits: spread the IT costs over the life of the solution.
  • Improved cash and budget management: predictable monthly/quarterly payment versus large cash outlay.
  • Cash conservation: for income producing core business.
  • Overcome capital shortage: customers can acquire their SAP solution by relying on future cash flow.
  • Favourable impact on income and financial statements.
  • Avoid equipment disposal costs: receive assistance with the costly and time consuming removal of assets at the end of a lease.
  • Leading edge business management: install SAP Business One now and gain technology advantage over competition.
  • Simplicity: One contract, one invoice, one-stop financing simplifies acquisition of a total solution.
  • Avoid technology obsolescence: under lease, the financial provider owns equipment and bears the risk of technology obsolescence.
  • Technology upgrades: upgrades can easily be rolled into existing lease.

Our finance partner, unlike banks, focuses primarily on solution and technology financing to provide single-source financing to help customers acquire business and technology services, hardware and software. It offers flexible financing solutions to businesses of all sizes and across all industries.


How can a small business obtain financial assistance?

The financial process for Blue Ocean Systems’ customers is very simple.

  • Blue Ocean Systems will request a financing quote on behalf of the interested party.
  • The customer must fulfil certain criteria, e.g. the customer must have been in business for at least 5 years and willing to submit the financial statements (latest balance sheets and profit and loss data) for review.
  • Once approved, a financing contract will be drawn up for the customer to sign off and will include the period of financing and the proposed interest rate. Interest rates generally range between 4%-7% per annum.


What would be my total investment for an SAP Business One solution?

Based on an estimated investment cost of S$60,677.00 for an SAP Business One Solution, the payment breakdown is summarised below.


Total (S$)

SAP Business One Cost (example)


IT Infrastructure (estimated)


Total Investment



Can my organisation justify a monthly payment plan for SAP Business One?

Assuming the customer takes up a 100% financing option, at 5% interest rate, the below table projects the estimated monthly payments for 3 different financing durations.


Financing total amount: S$60,677.00

Interest rate 5%

Financing Duration

12 Months

24 Months

36 Months

Monthly Payment (S$)





As you can see, a financing option for SAP Business One enables SMEs to access the software and solutions they require for their growing business while managing cash flow and spreading the cost of their investment.

To find out more about how a financing option can help your organisation acquire the SAP Business One solution which is right for you, contact the Blue Ocean Systems’ team of ERP specialists.

If you would like to know more about SAP Business One’s features, do check our online demos here.

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