SAP Business One 9.2 : Available for All


We previously covered the 10 business improvements that SAP Business One version 9.2 brought to businesses earlier this year, shortly after its customer release in mid-December last year. Here’s some great news – version 9.2 is finally available to the general public! Read on for what this means for both existing customers and first time users, plus more updates on SAP Business One.

1. End of mainstream maintenance

Customers should note that previous versions of SAP Business One (9.1 and older) will no longer be updated from 30th June 2016. In short, fixes for bugs found in earlier versions from this date will only be deployed to version 9.2, up until 30th June 2018. Exceptions based on severity may be granted, but are not to be expected.

One more patch (Patch level 13) will be delivered for SAP Business One 9.1 from 27th June to 1st July 2016.


2. Greater enterprise mobility

A new generation of consumer-grade mobile apps with SAP HANA capabilities and SAP Fiori design elements are in the works. The new sales app was released just a couple of months ago, and provides sales staff with an intuitive mobile solution to their CRM needs. Your data is more secure than ever, with Touch ID supported and Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML 2.0). The mobile apps will be maintained on a regular basis.


3. Support without disruption


SAP Business One version 9.2 implementations and upgrades include a complimentary Support user for your support partner’s use. You no longer have to free up a user license in order for your support consultant to access your system, which can be particularly disruptive when only a few licenses are available for use within your company.

This also means the alternative – working with your support consultant after office hours when a license will be available – will also be reduced or eliminated. You and your support consultant both get to head home earlier, and you get to avoid expensive after hours support!


4. Windows 10 users must use SAP Business One version 9.1 Patch Level 10 and above

Users of SAP Business One version 9.1 patch level 9 and below who have upgraded their Windows systems to Windows 10 will encounter the following error mesage: “There is a problem with the server’s security certificate. The security certificate is not from a trusted certifying authority. SAP Business One is unable to connect to the server.”

In order to use the program, users must upgade to SAP Business One version 9.1 Patch Level 10 and above. Your support consultant may be able to guide you on a workaround, but it is not recommended due to security risks.


5. All improvements brought by 9.2 are now available to the public

Click on the link above to read our post on the 10 ways SAP Business One 9.2 will help your business. You no longer have to be an existing customer to gain access to the benefits of version 9.2! New users will also be able to start with version 9.2 immediately.

If you haven’t already, check out our post on the Intelligent Forecast feature in SAP Business One version 9.2, version for SAP HANA. The post provides a more in-depth look at this feature, and a step by step guide to perform Intelligent Forecasting.


More SAP Business One News:

1. Remote Support



The Remote Support Platform (version 3.2) now offers secure remote access to SAP Business One customer systems. What does this mean for you?

  • Better care for your system’s health

    Your support consultants will be able to perform root cause analysis within your SAP Business One environment more easily, putting an end to frustrating phone and Skype calls in which neither party fully understands each other. They will also be able to perform health checks, healing tasks, instance backups, and system status reports remotely. Proactive health checks will provide them with key data for root-cause analysis and more efficient support while helping you to avoid system downtime.
  • Enhanced data security

    Scheduled backups will allow safe recovery of your data in the event of accidental modification or deletion. Those worried about security issues need not worry; you have full control over managing your remote connection.
  • No more support disputes

    Logged remote sessions help both your SAP Business One partner and your company keep track of communication for support issues. The logs can be used for record and audit purposes on both ends.
  • Easier upgrades

    You will receive notifications whenever there are product updates, and you can download these update files directly from the platform. The system will guide you through the upgrade process by verifying your system’s readiness, with a recovery option in case of errors. You are still advised to have your support consultant guide you through the process to avoid problems caused by incorrect installations.
  Please note that remote connection is mandatory for SAP HANA Database support.


2. Support Launchpad




Existing SAP Business One support applications (e.g. SAP Note search, user management, incident management, and license key requests) will be retired in July 2016. SAP Business One users will be able to access new support tools in the Support Launchpad for SAP Business One.

  • Seamless support

    Both SAP Business One customers and partners will be able to access support resources in a single, easy to navigate system.


Using links that you’ve bookmarked? Don’t worry – you will be redirected to the new Support Launchpad automatically.

All former and current support issues will be transferred to the new Support Launchpad.



Think an upgrade or migration to SAP Business One version 9.2 is for you? Contact us for a complimentary demo or consultation! We will guide you through the features of SAP Business One, and how they can help you and your business.


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