S³ Empowers Your Customers


Is the labour crunch troubling you? Are you on the other hand looking for ways to support your customers even more intensively?

Blue Ocean Systems has many years of experience with SMEs in Singapore and the region. And with SAP Business One 9.1 Version for HANA we provide the most comprehensive solution on the market to run your business the most efficient and effective way.

Still there is always room for improvement and we set out to develop S³ Self-Service Solutions

S³ will help reduce the necessary ressources to support the sales process and at the same time will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.


S³ Highlights

  • Fast , Dynamic, Flexible Product Search
  • On-demand Document Retrieval and Analytics
  • Modern, Simple, Responsive UI
  • Happy and loyal customers
  • Efficient and effective sales process


Benefits your customers will have using S³

  • Dynamic Criteria based intelligent product search for unregistered and registered users
  • Immediate information of the purchase process from Request for Quotation to Product delivery for customers.
  • Business Document repository, search and download.
  • Profile management and delivery tracking for customers.
  • Business analytics and customer behaviour analysis for the business providers.


Value S³ will bring to your business

  • Intelligent and dynamic product catalog search that brings cross-selling and upselling.
  • Increase productivity of the support/sales staff by extending an unfailing  24/7  service through the S3.
  • Help in pricing and planning promotion campaign by observing and analysing  the customer behaviour through the portal.
  • Enable customers to make informed decisions by providing the status information in every level of order process thus improving buyer satisfaction and  loyalty.
  • Real time information on profitability of different products retrieved from buyer assets available online.


S³ is using up-to-date web technology and is highly integrated with SAP Business One Version for HANA. Nonetheless you can customize S³ to make it your offering to your customers.

See for yourself


Installed as a B1 Add-on it utilizes the SAP concepts of Lifecycle and Integration Management. Implementation will therefore be easy, quick and smooth.



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