Revamped SAP Help Portal


SAP’s Help Portal has been revamped with a user-friendly new look and SAP Business One documentation! (Drag the bottom right corner beneath the > arrow in the image above to see a comparison between the new and old website design.)


What’s Changed

The redesigned site is built on SAP cloud platform technology and aims to make it easier and faster for you to find content within the portal. The complete SAP Business One documentation that was formerly offered on the SAP Business One Customer Portal is also now available on the SAP Help Portal.



Visitors previously had frustrating experiences on the site, having to click through several links and categories to find the content that they required.


The new Help Portal relies entirely on its newly improved search function, based on SAP HANA full-text search. It offers suggestions and auto-completion and advanced filtering of results so that you can find what you are looking for faster.


Click on the search icon (magnifying glass) again to view more results, and filter by language, product, and even information format (e.g. PDF). You can view a video to learn more on the search functions here.


Product Pages

From the extended search results, you can view specific product pages with information dedicated solely to the product selected.


  • Refine Results

The search bar here allows you to search through all content associated with this product. You can also select your SAP Business One version from a dropdown menu by clicking on the top right field, and your language by clicking on the language field. By default, information on the latest version (i.e. at this moment, version 9.2) will be shown.


Please note:

Customers should remember to log on to the SAP Help Portal with your S-user ID, as some documents are restricted from public view.


Quick Links:

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For a quick summary, watch the introduction video on the new Help Portal:


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