Real Estate Management Gets a Boost


The property management industry is one with an incredibly high demand for lead generation and management. From rental properties needing tenants, to the crippling housing shortage in many developed economies, it has never been more vital for corporate and commercial real estate professionals to think ahead when planning their business strategy.

Planning strategically in the real estate management industry is really no different to what other organisations need to do to remain competitive and relevant in their game; careful tracking and monitoring of costs, optimised occupation/storage rates and data-driven analytics are best practices already enjoyed by SAP’s more than 280,000 global customers.

So it’s no surprise that more and more construction and property management companies are also leveraging SAP Business One to help them manage their entire company’s planning and reporting needs.

The integrated Assets One app for SAP Business One has been designed to focus purely on asset management, including construction, property sales and acquisition, land development, maintenance and land development. Delivered by our partner, Ziv Systems, Assets One provides insights, productivity, automation and efficiency in order for real estate and construction companies to focus on enhancing their business.

The ease of use of the app means that users can seamlessly work within the SAP Business One modules to complete accounting activities or run reports, and then move into the Assets One module enabling them to manage specific construction projects or track sales for a an upcoming commercial development.


What business benefits can Assets One bring to real estate?

Lead generation and management

Leverage the CRM capabilities of SAP Business One to track leads across the entire business and gain insights into (for example) late rental payments, vacant periods, time and effort to close rental/sale opportunities, seasonal/geographical property trends and blacklisted renters/buyers.


Construction support

Monitor tenders and bid submissions, track development and building approvals and manage construction projects from tender to launch – all with integrated financial data and real time reporting capabilities.


Stakeholder and portfolio management

Track all projects, view integrated financial data, provide timely client updates and proactively manage and communicate risks.


Corporate real estate management

Track growth, rental yields, and interest rates as well as optimise space for employees and pre-empt workforce property requirements based on seasonal / business trend analysis.


Commercial real estate management

Automate repetitive transactional activities such as contracts administration, as well as monitor rental trends and consumer behavior patterns. Limit the money and time lost to vacant real estate.


Building and facilities management

Manage upgrade projects, maintenance and repairs of property with real time data supported in SAP Business One


Investment management

Analyse investment opportunities and returns on portfolios with sophisticated reporting and insights tools accessible in real time across mobile devices


If you’re in the construction or property management industry, and you’re not currently using a specialised tool integrated into your ERP, contact the Blue Ocean Systems team for a demo and a discussion on what you might be missing out on.



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