Reaching new heights at the SAP innovation summit


2015 is an exciting year for SAP, Business One, our customers and for Blue Ocean Systems.

The year kicked off with SAP’s biggest product and strategy announcements in over 20 years; a commitment that SAP’s future will be HANA and HANA only.

Consequently, HANA was the central topic at the SAP B1 Innovation Summit in Bangkok earlier this month. It was the first time the summit was held in the APJ region, and although it will be repeated in Europe and USA later this year, sharing the hottest news with us first shows the important role SAP sees our region playing.

Blue Ocean Systems attended the two and half day summit with a large group of colleagues from sales, consulting and development. The days were action packed with so much information and innovation that we were all pretty exhausted by the end of it, but had a great time too! Between us we attended almost 50 talks on topics ranging from Business Process Optimising, developing applications with Predictive Analytical Language (PAL) to Business One in the Cloud.



BOS and SAP team

From left to right: Jacob Tan, Sunil Sharma, Harald Battran, Arun Devan, Yatsea Li (Solution Architect, SAP), Marlon Suliguin, Justin Ho, Charlie Heng



BOS team with SAP team

From left to right: Jacob Tan, Harald Battran, Steve Gouveia (Senior Solution Portfolio Manager at SAP), Arun Devan, Ginaluigi (Global Director at SAP), Yatsea Li (Solution Architect at SAP), Sunil Sharma, Marlon Suliguin, Justin Ho, Charlie Heng


Not only did the subject experts from SAP give us insights on the latest updates to SAP Business One and HANA, but real customers also shared their journeys with SAP Business One and the amazing things they do with the solution. For example, at JCB India, one of the largest producers of earthmoving and construction equipment, over 1000 employees rely on the ERP application on a daily basis. Despite their network of dealerships being spread around the globe, JCB India can quickly perform sales forecasts with the most current data in real time.

In a completely different but fascinating industry, the ANYOU group in China is using SAP Business One to help pig farmers improve productivity on a large scale. They ensure the complete traceability of pork products – from feeding the pigs, to the pork rib appearing on the supermarket shelf and eventually to your beloved bak-kut-teh.

And of course these are just two examples of ways SAP Business One powered by HANA can help organisations achieve success.

On the more technical side, we heard and saw how SAP Business One and HANA can tackle Big Data, mobile apps, analytics, forecasts and innovative new industry solutions. It was demonstrated how SAP Business One can be deployed over multiple locations and how it can be integrated with all sorts of vertical and horizontal business solutions. Amazon presented their innovations around virtualisation in the cloud and SUSE showed how to make HANA readily available and resilient against disaster.

In between sessions, SAP unveiled the long-waited preview of the B1 client in a browser. The audience was stunned and enthusiastic about the look and feel, and in fact, the user might not even feel the difference at first. Now we just have to wait for the rollout later this year.

At the solutions fair we met other SAP Business One partners and saw their add-on solutions, including ones that enrich SAP Business One with modules for Human Resources, item and batch traceability, project management, Excel integration and field service support.

But the real highlight of the Innovation Summit was Blue Ocean Systems presenting our current development of a Customer Self Service Portal. This will help customers streamline business processes and free vital sales resources to have more intense and productive collaboration with your customers. Watch this place for exciting news in the upcoming weeks!



Jacob Tan presenting the Blue Ocean Systems Customer Self Service Portal



Arun Devan on Stage during the Summit

From left to right: Finn Backer (Business One Solution Portfolio Mgt at SAP), Arun Devan, MTC – SAP Partner China, Woongjin Holdings – SAP Partner South Korea


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