Partner Update Series: BatchMaster

Always Managing a Better Warehouse

Blue Ocean Systems is proud to work with some excellent global solution providers to ensure that our clients receive the very best ERP system for their industry needs. We collaborate with BatchMaster – an SAP Business One Gold Solution Partner – to provide companies in the batch process manufacturing industry with a single application which integrates financial, sales, purchasing, inventory, planning and production management.


Let’s meet BatchMaster…

BatchMaster has been a leading global provider of ERP solutions within the process manufacturing industry since 1981. Specialising in a variety of industry sectors from food, cosmetics and chemicals to life science and nutraceuticals, BatchMaster’s ability to stay ahead of trends can be attributed to the 50% of their staff dedicated to Research and Development (a resource unparalleled in the mid-market).

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Here are some of the latest updates from BatchMaster…


1. Bin Management

With SAP Business One and BatchMaster, your business will be able to manage inventory at the bin level instead of just the warehouse level as well as being to maintain various bins for specific warehouses.



  • Customise searches to locate required bin numbers


  • Ability to track bin level inventory by item, warehouse, bin, lot and container
  • Link serial numbers to bin numbers
  • Track purchase and production receipts


  • Enhanced Warehouse Detail report available
  • Business logic ensures accurate inventory transactions are recorded
  • New Item Master Data Details has been created

Organisation & Quarantine

  • Quarantine Bins left out of inventory runs and planning
  • Ability to assign Vendor Lot number and an Expiration Date (with warning settings)


2. Routings

With this enhancement, manufacturing companies will be able to track specific sequence of work centres to have better insight into their estimated vs actual manufacturing times and costs. Labour Transaction is a new feature which logs the entry of man and machine hours as well as completed output with a range of options available according to specific needs.


Schedules and schedule logic

  • Ability to generate weekly employee schedules as well as work centre schedules based on required output criteria


  • Work Centre, Shift Master, Batch Ticket and BOM Entry Form have all been enhanced to better track routing status


3. Data Collection

A new and separate browser-based application (requiring its own installation, licensing, and implementation) will provide real-time support for BatchMaster Manufacturing within SAP Business One environments.



  • Browser-based

  • Leverages the BatchMaster Manufacturing API and the SAP Business One DI API for integration

  • Enables easy use of barcodes

  • Error and success messages displayed clearly on a message bar on each screen


  • Performs real-time BatchMaster Manufacturing labour transactions
  • Ability to provide customised access for database users
  • Validation of lot quantity and serial number quantity

BatchMaster and Blue Ocean Systems are excited about how these developments can enhance the manufacturing process for our clients. Would you like to see more?

Watch a BatchMaster demo video here

Contact Blue Ocean Systems to discover how your process manufacturing business can benefit from these changes!

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