My business is small – why worry about keeping things simple?



You’ve probably heard this from plenty of SMEs, or perhaps you’ve thought or said this out aloud yourselves. When you’re small, pretty much all your energy and efforts are focused on growth, growth, and more growth.

That’s all fine and good, and in fact is exactly what you should do. The problem is, most SMEs end up in a huge mess when they attain the growth they had been chasing. Eventually, the problems of scattered processes and solutions catch up with them and growth comes to a standstill as they struggle to keep everything running.

It can be tempting to delay the business simplication process until after you’ve hit a certain size, but it’s easier to operate lean and simple from the start instead of desperately trying to trim the fat later on.


Start simple to avoid growing pains

Why not prepare yourselves ahead of time and avoid all the potential headaches down the line?

By running simple from the get go, you prime yourself for growth without all the complications associated with it.

Starting simple means avoiding standalone apps and systems entirely. You can’t buy separate systems and use them in a disjointed manner without problems occurring at some point or other. Instead, you need a flexible platform which will grow and evolve with you to meet your changing needs.

Need more functions added? Request your partner to build customized functions as required, or sign up with your preferred platform for the functions you require (e.g. mobile warehousing, eCommerce, or marketing) and connect your ERP (enterprise resource planning) system to it (either via an existing integration, or request your partner to integrate both systems for you).


What makes an ERP platform the right one?

The right platform allows you to move quickly as market conditions change. Perhaps your growing business now requires you to change your business model(s), outsource some functions, or even expand overseas.

The right platform should support all that, and more. Expansion overseas can be tough and complicated, but the right platform keeps things simple for you by supporting other languages, currencies, and regulations.

What do you get out of this? Happier customers for one, since your business doesn’t have to face major disruptions as a consequence of uncontrolled growth. Your employees also get to dodge major changes to their work and the trouble of migrating to new systems as opposed to adapting an existing one.

If all this sounds like what you need, SAP Business One is for you. Our team of experts tailor your system to your exact needs in order to support your current operations right now, but also position you for growth.


Why should I consider SAP Business One and Blue Ocean Systems?

With over 40 years’ experience, SAP knows most businesses inside and out. SAP Business One is SAP’s solution specifically tailored to meet the needs of SMEs like yours. Over 50,000 SMEs in 150 countries use SAP Business One, which supports 27 languages and has 42 localised versions.

The program is simple enough for SME owners and employees to pick up without too much training, but so robust that it can meet most, if not all of your business needs. In the event that you require industry specific functions, or even functions unique to your business, Blue Ocean Systems works with several partners to deliver the perfect add-on, app, or integration for you.

SAP stands by their motto to keep things simple for you, so you can start with even a single license before making the commitment to grow with more licenses and functions. SAP Business One supports you as your business grows and evolves over time, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck in old ways and outdated legacy systems. Blue Ocean Systems’ team of experts has over 50 years of experience with SAP Business One combined, and we keep our BOS promise to you with solutions delivered within Budget and On time, in a truly Scalable manner.


Note: This story has also been adapted for publication in Steemit.


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