More Growth Without the Risk? How the Right ERP Solution Enables This

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This post was previously published on 27 September 2013. For more up to date information on the PIC scheme and other budget initiatives, please refer to our most recent blog post on Singapore Budget updates, with the latest available information from IRAS. For the full details, visit the IRAS PIC site.

There’s talk of re-emerging economies and there’s a glint of light at the end of the global financial crisis tunnel. But people are still very wary and only just starting to dip their toes back into investments and growth strategies. This is all with good reason; the crisis still continues in many economies around the world; youth unemployment rate is still over 50% in Greece and Spain and China’s slower than expected growth in 2012 are keeping people on the edge.

But there is an undeniable, and justified, optimism as the Asia Pacific region continues to meet the growing export needs of the Eurozone countries.

So how can your organisation take advantage of this, and any other opportunity, for growth without taking the usual risks associated with it, such as increasing staff levels?

One solution is to leverage a good ERP system and watch productivity and revenues grow without expanding your workforce. At Blue Ocean Systems, we believe a simple but effective approach will enable organisations to enhance business visibility and systematically grow profits in a timely and cost effective way. Here’s how;



Linking your entire business platform – human resources, finances, project management, supply chain management, warehouse, payroll, customer service, IT, sales & marketing will build a long lasting foundation for sustainable growth within your existing teams.

  • Departments no longer work in silos, but as unified segments with the same information, the same goals, the same strategy

  • Department managers obtain a company-wide view of their role within the organisation’s success and have the ability to streamline processes

  • Internal and external stakeholders gain service from a united front, rather than fragmented functions

  • An ERP system like SAP Business One can connect the dots for your organisation within just a few weeks



Hand control back to your employees by automating all systemised processes and procedures. Release them to work on tasks that enhance the customer’s experience, improve product and service offerings and identify sales gaps.

  • New ideas and improvements to existing systems, services and processes increase customer loyalty and lead to revenue growth

  • By providing a more innovative workplace, your best talent will become the future leaders of your organisation

  • Empower your staff to make informed decisions based on accurate and relevant data

  • SAP Business One’s integrated CRM enables effective sales and marketing strategies to be identified and executed (with the same sales team you employ today!)



Unifying all key business data, documentation and communication and making it easily accessible to your team will have far reaching effects both internally and on your customers and clients. A single application meeting the needs of all employees, all functions, all processes will result in speedy, efficient and accurate service delivery.

  • An open and systemised approach across all business functions will increase productivity, keep staff happy and customers loyal

  • Management will be able to access the data they need, from anywhere, whenever they need it (with the mobile function of SAP Business One your most important reports can be generated in seconds, even on the go)

  • Create a unified view of your organisation for stakeholders, shareholders and customers – transparency is key in today’s social world

  • SAP Business One ensures processes are optimised and streamlined according to your business and industry needs


Need more help?

For Singapore companies, the PIC is a fantastic incentive to make your organisation even more productive. Read more here about how the PIC can help you.

It is possible to see growth without expanding and the team of SAP experts at Blue Ocean Systems are passionate about making this a reality for your organisation today. Connect with them here to talk more.


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