Meet our Partners Series: Variatec

Blue Ocean Systems comprises a global partner network to provide specialised and customised enterprise solutions to small and medium sized companies. We do this in conjunction with our unique partner ecosystem of industry specialists around the world. In this series of blogs, we introduce you to some of our partners and the ways in which we work with them. This week, we meet Variatec.


Who is Variatec?

Variatec has been an SAP partner since 2006 and works with over 85 partners, in 24 countries delivering SAP Business One focussed services to over 550 clients.

Variatec develops high-performance software solutions for SAP Business One. The Variatec product suite is seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One and covers the full range of production, from make-to-stock to engineer-to-order.


What is maintenance, repair and overhaul?

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (commonly referred to as MRO) ensures that an item is either retained or restored to a state in which it can perform its expected function; this includes technical, administrative, managerial and supervisory actions.

MRO operations are categorised by whether the product:

1) Remains the property of the customer – closed loop supply chain (e.g. maintenance, repair and overhaul)

2) The product is purchased by the reprocessing organisation and sold to a customer – open loop supply chain (e.g. refurbishment and remanufacture)

How do Blues Ocean Systems and Variatec work together?

Blue Ocean Systems in partnership with our solutions partner, Variatec, offer SAP Business One-based integrated MRO solutions that support best business practices for companies which have MRO activities as their core business.

The BX product suite includes MRO solutions but also includes:


For Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

BX Project Management

For project-based and engineer-to-order manufacturing

BX Production

For discrete and repetitive manufacturing

BX LMS Logistic Management System

For warehousing


How do these solutions benefit your organisation?

MRO Business Benefits

  • Accurate and on-time invoicing
  • Improved utilisation rate of resources
  • Extensive financial control
  • Increased visibility and profitability
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Project Planning and Management Business Benefits

  • Gantt chart for project planning
  • Capacity planning (departments, labour and machines)
  • Accurate available-to-promise
  • Just-in-time material planning
  • Reliable deliveries
  • Increasing project margins
  • Milestone billing
  • Web-based labour reporting
  • Improving quality
  • Less risk and less stress
  • Accurate budget vs. actual
  • Fast estimating

BX Production Business Benefits

  • Seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One
  • Simple yet very powerful

BX LMS Logistic Management System (LMS) Business Benefits

  • A logistic solution seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One
  • Simple to use, yet very powerful
  • Various warehousing strategies to optimise your locations
  • Mobile scanning brings flexibility, speed and flawless operations

The solutions provided by Variatec can be used separately or combined. They also include industry-specific solutions for greater functionality, shorter implementation times and lower cost. All with the purpose to deliver faster growth, higher margins, increased productivity, and a more competitive enterprise.


What types of companies or industries would generally use such solutions?

Depending on the specific requirements, companies and industries which can benefit the most from the Variatec suite of products include:

‘Engineer to order’ businesses such as:

  • Machine and equipment building
  • Shipbuilding and maritime
  • Engineering services
  • Interior design
  • High-tech
  • Electronics

As well as:

  • Production companies with discrete and repetitive manufacturing (e.g. machine & equipment building and component production)
  • Companies that have a specific need for intelligent warehousing with storage strategies and scanning equipment

Read more about Variatec

Watch a Variatec video

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