Meet Our Partners Series: MARINGO

Blue Ocean Systems comprises a global partner network to provide specialised and customised enterprise solutions to small and medium sized companies. We do this in conjunction with our unique partner ecosystem of industry specialists around the world. In this series of blogs, we introduce you to some of our partners and the ways in which we work with them. This week, we meet project management experts, MARINGO.




MARINGO has been developing and implementing business software for more than 25 years and has been a certified SAP Channel Partner since 2003. SAP Business One-based business solutions are provided by MARINGO specifically for small and midsize businesses (SMB)s; they also provide consultation and implementation services, as well as training and maintenance through a worldwide network of certified partners.


What is Project Management?

Project Management is a term used to describe the overall management of any type of project or initiative undertaken by an organisation. The project management spectrum includes scoping, planning, organising, securing, and managing resources to achieve a specific outcome. Projects are defined by budget and timeframe and are generally temporary processes (although the execution of a project can last months, even years).

Common desired outcomes for projects include adding value to an organisation, reducing expenditure, successful software implementation or improved workflows.

The primary challenge of project management is to achieve the defined outcomes whilst adhering to the organisation’s constraints, which usually include resources, time, and budget.

The ProjectManagement product from MARINGO is a project planning and controlling software based on SAP Business One.


How do Blue Ocean Systems and MARINGO work together?

Blue Ocean Systems, in partnership with our solution partner MARINGO, offers SAP Business One-based, integrated, affordable project management and accounting solutions which are specifically designed to meet the needs of small and midsize companies.

From planning, data recording, data approval and financial analysis, our integrated solution (ProjectManagement) provides a uniform user interface to cater for an organisation’s entire workflow. Users are able to gain on-demand, real-time access to the business critical information they need to make informed decisions.

This fully customisable and affordable solution can be implemented within just days and has a very high user acceptance rate due to the intuitive and user friendly interface.


How can this solution benefit your organisation?

  • ProjectManagement is an integrated system and therefore avoids costly, error-prone workarounds across multiple software tools

  • ProjectManagement is a powerful and sophisticated planning tool with user-friendly interfaces, flexible options to update planning (e.g. Resource Planning, Gantt Planning, and Multi Project Planning) and data import and export capabilities

  • The Web Client allows you to enter and analyse customer and project data independent of location and time

  • ProjectManagement assists the user in creating detailed travel expenses; costs can either be charged to the customer or be accounted for internally by the employee

  • Powerful controlling and reporting tools, such as Remaining Volume Report, Degree of Completion Report or Breakeven Analysis

  • Web-based Support Desk which allows for managing the entire workflow of support calls, from request and request handling to the successful close. Customers or employees enter requests in the Support Desk; the employee responsible documents all handling steps concerning a request. When a request has been successfully closed, the customer can be invoiced if applicable

  • ProjectManagement is an easy-to-use and affordable solution with a short implementation time.


Which key processes does this partner solution enhance for my organisation?

ProjectManagement is a project planning and project controlling software based on SAP Business One that has been specifically designed for the needs of small and midsize businesses (SMBs). ProjectManagement caters for the entire workflow, from sales quotation, employee and item planning, time and cost recording, data approval and invoicing to accounting and project analysis.

Key Business Processes:

  • Master Data:

    Information on business partners and projects is stored only once in the system and is available to the authorised employees. Master data sources are used automatically, e.g. in documents.

  • Calculation:

    ProjectManagement supports you with a flexibly configurable overhead calculation. You can see already during the planning/calculation the costs and revenues to be expected and thus can ascertain the profitability of your projects.

  • Purchasing:

    The solution supports the entire purchasing process, from the request for quote, vendor selection, purchase order, order tracking, goods receipt and A/P invoice to the feedback about the payment.

  • Warehouse:

    You can manage different warehouses and transfer project-related items from one warehouse to another so that all items are in time at the right place.

  • Project Management

    : The solution enables a simple and clear resource planning, irrespective of whether it concerns employees, items or equipment.

  • Service/Items Entry:

    Employees are able to capture their services and the items used for a particular project via Internet or smartphone. This provides real-time project costs at any time.

  • Project Controlling

    : ProjectManagement provides up-to-the-minute project analyses, such as degree of completion, breakeven analysis or KPI, in part prepared graphically as dashboard data. Also the evaluation of plants under construction (WIP) is supported.

  • Accounting

    : Captured and approved services and travel expenses are invoiced and posted directly by the accounting department through a billing wizard. Commissions are alo taken into account.

  • Mobility

    : The Web Client and Mobile Client enables you to access data irrespective of location and time.

  • Maintenance:

    The solution contains a Support Desk for professional services and ECO companies that enables the maintenance and documentation of failures. Both the customer and the employees can access the Support Desk online.


Where can I obtain more information about MARINGO?

Read more about MARINGO

Watch a MARINGO video!

Contact Blue Ocean Systems today to discuss how we can help you support your project management activities to improve your organisation’s productivity.


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