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Blue Ocean Systems comprises a global partner network to provide specialised and customised enterprise solutions to small and medium sized companies. We do this in conjunction with our unique partner ecosystem of industry specialists around the world. In this series of blogs, we introduce you to some of our partners and the ways in which we work with them. This week, we meet


Who is has been the solution partner for small and medium-sized companies for over twenty years. is one of the leading SAP Solution Partners for SAP Business One for defined vertical markets in discrete and process manufacturing as well as for the parts supply industry.

As a comprehensive solution, grows with your business and can react any time to necessary changes. Manufacturing

The group provides an integrated solution for the manufacturing sector. deals with the industry specific configuration of SAP Business One and develops specialised software products for manufacturing and cost accounting/controlling. Supply Chain Management (SCM) SCM oversees the supply chain processing within the supply chain management which is a fully SAP integrated module.

Which components define the manufacturing process?

When planning a manufacturing process, five main components exist:

1) Equipment and facilities: machines, tooling, equipment and facilities

2) Production methods and processes: procedures, production methods, quality assurance, and production control

3) Materials and material moving and handling: materials and material/tooling handling or moving systems

4) Labour: people

5) End products

In today’s demanding market, modern manufacturing systems are highly complex and computer-dependent using more sophisticated materials and methods. They are increasingly considered ‘closed loop’ systems resulting in an integrated system with little or no variation in the individual components. This requires strict and comprehensive planning procedures in order to stay competitive.


How do Blue Ocean Systems and work together?

Our solution supports manufacturing planning, control and implementation in small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. The structure of the manufacturing order remains the focal point and provides information at all times about the planning status implementation progress. Manufacturing orders from systems or machines with customer-specific adaptations can, for example, be drafted, planned, released and manufactured stepwise/overlapping:

  • Master Data enhanced for logistics and manufacturing
  • MRP and production for different strategies / organisations
  • Rough cut capacity planning
  • Detailed planning (pool monitoring)
  • Quality control
  • Pre-calculation
  • Concurrent and post-calculation, work in Progress
  • Product Configurator
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)
  • Multiple Warehouse / Bin Location Management
  • Mobile Solution Warehouse Management
  • Time Recording and Production Data Collection
  • Cost Accounting, Machine Hour Costing, Marginal Costing
  • Machine Data Collection, Direct Machine Connection
  • Mobile Solutions (Web Apps)


How can this solution benefit your organisation?

  • Transition from manual or incomplete solutions to an integrated ERP system
  • Increase visibility into manufacturing operations on real-time basis
  • Reduce wastage and human errors


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