Just Enquiring About Costs…


We often get this question: exactly how much does SAP Business One cost? Let’s go through the cost considerations for your SAP Business One implementation.

1. Number of Users

You might have several employees, but how many of them really need access to SAP Business One? We will go through your business processes thoroughly to understand your day to day operations and employees’ roles to optimize your investment.

2. Type of Licenses

Small businesses with 1 to 5 users can opt for SAP Business One Starter Pack, which offers near-full functionality at a very affordable price. This is most recommended for start ups with fewer than 10 employees.

Businesses with more than 6 users can choose to opt for Professional Licenses or Limited Licenses.

Not sure which licenses to get? Don’t worry, our team of experts will advise you on the best mix of licenses for your business needs, and of course, you can always upgrade your user licenses at any time.


Professional Licenses

Professional licenses grant full access to all SAP Business One features, which can be restricted if necessary through user authorisations.


Limited Licenses

There are 3 limited license types available: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Logistics, and Financials. The 3 specialised license types cater to specific user roles, so that you don’t have to overpay for your employees to gain access to SAP Business One. They will only be able to access functions related to their work, which also reduces the effort spent on configuring your user authorisations.


Mobile Licenses

SAP Business One currently has 2 apps: the general SAP Business One App, and the shiny new Sales App. SAP has committed to developing more iOS apps over the next few years, so watch out for even greater mobile functionality!


3. Your Systems Infrastructure

Prior to your SAP Business One implementation, we will assess your existing systems infrastructure and advise you on whether you have adequate hardware and software for your user requirements, or whether you should purchase any new infrastructure.


a. Your Server

You will need a server to support a robust software such as SAP Business One, which can be located on-premise, co-located at a data centre, or deployed in the cloud. A list of supported hardware can be found in our previous blog post. We will be launching our cloud solutions soon, so stay tuned!


b. Workstations

This is likely a unique cost consideration for start ups who are just getting started, or businesses that are looking to grow their headcount. Most office-based businesses have at least one personal computer available per employee, which can be used to access SAP Business One.

c. Your Network

You will need a stable Local Area Network (LAN) connection with adequate bandwith, and a static IP address in order to set up remote access to SAP Business One. SAP Business One version 9.2 gives you Browser Access, so this step may no longer be necessary.


d. Systems software

You are also advised to have security and backup software to protect your data. Let us know the software you have installed, and our consultants will determine if you require additional software or can user SAP Business One with your current systems.


4. Services


Your implementation costs depend on the complexity of your business processes and requirements, including the number of modules to be activated and configured, any additional add-ons you opt for, and customization (usually unnecessary).



How familiar are your staff with SAP Business One and ERP systems in general? You will have to consider how much training your staff will need, if any.



SAP Business One implementations typically include a support package, with a specified amount of on-site support, phone support, and email support available to you and your employees per year. Support hours will be consumed accordingly to solve any problems you may encounter, patch fixes, backing up or restoring your data, or for additional configurations after implementation.


5. Maintenance

SAP Business One’s annual maintenance includes the software costs for upgrades (for example, from SAP Business One 9.1 to 9.2), and any newly released functions and patches. Maintenance is charged at a fixed rate as a percentage of your license costs, and is necessary to keep your software working optimally.



Did you get the answers you were looking for here? Make sure you know exactly what you require when you consider an SAP Business One implementation!



Remember that there is always help for your SME, and financing options for businesses of every size.

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