Integrate the Right Kind of Drama into your Organisation

SMEs no longer need to miss out

No one likes a drama, especially in business. Your operation needs to run smoothly, quickly and underpin your profits; otherwise why are you in business? SAP HANA promises drama; but only the best. The best way to curate your data, the best way to gain accurate insights into your organisation, the best kind of analytics your company needs to grow. No longer do SMEs need to settle for anything but the optimum approach.


Let’s imagine the possibilities!

  • Being able to pull a report in seconds, on all your sales orders entered in the last day, hour or even 10 minutes

  • Generating a customer’s sales history whilst in a sales meeting with them and being able to beat your competitors by offering the client the best deal possible – immediately (while still retaining your profit margin)

  • Providing instant approval on a large-scale purchase your procurement team has found knowing the numbers add up (because you can check) – and all done from your Smartphone while you are on a business trip

  • Reacting immediately to customer trends and demands for products based on up-to-the-minute analytics (imagine the seasonal product peaks and knowing day-by-day, hour-by-hour which products are moving faster)

  • Stocking, restocking and upselling capabilities which mean you never run out of supplies and rarely house surplus, inactive stock because the data allows you to optimise your inventory levels through HANA’s predictive analysis. Sales targets will never be the same again!

  • Running your customer information line (or call centre) as a central hub to the rest of your business and being able to access all necessary customer information through a sophisticated enterprise search function; becoming a customer service star in the process by resolving the majority of queries on the first call

  • Managing your human resources on any scale so, when that urgent big project comes in, your manufacturing team are ready to go and have the tools and materials they need to complete the job

And the best thing? No longer do you need to imagine! These are all real examples of how you can improve your business immediately.

At a recent event held in conjunction with SAP and Blue Ocean Systems, SAP delivered some interesting stats they uncovered when surveying SMEs about their data curation and data management challenges;

  • 51% feel it takes too long to extract the information they need to perform their jobs

  • 45% feel data formats are inaccessible and underused in analytics

  • 39% feel data is too siloed

  • 35% feel data volume is growing too rapidly

Big Data is different for everyone; what is manageable to a large scale multinational, might be the breaking point for an SME with a few hundred employees. But whether large or small, the problems are all the same. How can we improve data curation and analytics?

SAP HANA can deliver on its promise with statistics like;

  • Search speed improvement – up to 46 times

  • Report speed – up to 960 times (what once took hours can now be ready in seconds)

  • Increase transaction speed by up to 30%

  • Analyse data 3600x faster

  • Ability to curate and analyse both transactional and sentiment data simultaneously

SAP HANA Data Size Examples

[Source: Hasso Plattner Institut]


This means;

  • Being able to pull up results from your database within 5 seconds

  • Reducing the time spent on tax declarations, month-end and year-end reporting activities

  • Empowering your employees by equipping them with the right tools to better serve your consumers

  • The ability to see what the world is saying about your product even down to the Twitter hashtags – this is next generation technology for your business!

Big Data is driving competition, innovation and profit across all sectors. By gathering, understanding and then predicting your customer’s behaviours you can gain control of your organisation’s future.

  • Access market leading business intelligence data in real time using ‘in-memory’ technology

  • Effectively store, manage and access all inbound data streams affecting your business

  • Understand customer behaviour and trends better and respond accordingly (before your competitor does)

  • Grow with the evolution of data

  • Implement SAP HANA and use alongside your transactional server

  • Comply with government, industry and risk requirements

  • Equip your sales teams with full visibility so they can react quickly to market demands

  • Enable your operations team to perform preventative (instead of reactive) activities

  • Enrich your customer’s journey and experience with your company (never underestimate this in a fickle marketplace)

  • Column based data storage is compressed & always sorted – makes retrieval for analytics quick

HANA is a real game changer in terms of technology, capabilities and enhancement to your business.

To speak with the HANA experts (and see your raw data appear in the HANA environment) contact us today!


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