Insightful Insights for SMEs


Sophisticated reporting and intelligent analytics are no longer luxuries reserved for the big players – SMEs are now able to leverage the same level of business insights through their ERP.


What do analytics do for SMEs?

With the right kind of insights, growing organisations can propel themselves into newmarkets, expand their product range, and experiment with minimal risk and cost.

Analytics can open an organisation’s eyes to market trends, patterns and behaviours that would otherwise be missed; identifying the optimum time to launch a new product, understanding seemingly unrelated business events and quickly responding to your market’s changing demands are just a few examples.

In the past, SMEs were left out of the data game – they were often in the dark when it came to being proactive in their own industry. And the result was that the larger organisations that had access to the right data could get ahead and be successful. Now the tables have turned and the future is anyone’s…


How can SMEs leverage their enterprise data in the best way?

Let’s face it, the majority of organisational data is a mess – mostly unstructured information, in a variety of formats from individual files and records to Excel spread sheets and even paper documents. While there might be certain requirements to store data in different ways, this approach does nothing for SMEs wanting to really understand their organisation and the market they are in.

SAP HANA Insights provides valuable ways for SMEs to make sense of their enterprise data ‘mess’. Instead of relying purely on the structured data sources, SAP HANA can also integrate the unstructured elements such as streaming, text and multimedia files.


With SAP HANA, SMEs can:

  • Predict risks, opportunities and future outcomes – and take the necessary action
  • Deliver what your customers need, when they need it
  • Make quick, accurate and intelligent decisions
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiencies
  • Create a culture of innovation by using the best tools
  • Trust your data and make it work to your advantage


What kind of reports can SMEs expect?

Reports can be generated in real-time, across enterprise devices for any number of business needs. Reports from SAP HANA can offer organisations new ways to do business and grow their business:

  • Inventory analysis to reduce cost and wastage in the warehouse
  • Sales opportunities based on an indefinite number of interdependencies
  • Key performance indicators, in real-time, from anywhere
  • Operational reporting from the ground up to improve efficiencies
  • Cash flow analysis to free up resources and leverage opportunities
  • Financial insights to track accounts payable/receivable
  • Order status across multiple locations to meet customer expectations
  • Revenue forecast and analysis to maximise profits


Reporting and analytics are invaluable to any organisation, but SMEs are the ones who can truly leverage the powerful returns SAP HANA can provide. Enabling innovation and growth, the right kind of insights to an SMEs’ data can ensure it remains competitive and innovative in a business world where everything needs to be happen quickly and accurately.


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