Run Simpler, Faster, & Better with SAP Business One

Realise your business vision

You started your business with a dream. That dream evolved into a plan, and somewhere along the way documents started piling up, making things complicated. SAP Business One helps you realize your dream without it turning into a nightmare, by helping you to run simpler, faster, and better.

How can I run simpler?

People often overlook the importance of simplicity.

Simplicity in function, simplicity in design, simplicity in the very essence of a product.

Many people have become so accustomed to the mindset of “more is more”, that we chase after products with as many bells and whistles as possible (necessary or not).

As for us? We believe in keeping things simple.

Nobody – at least, no rational, reasonable person – likes dealing with unnecessary complications.

So how can you run your business simply? A simple user experience means easy navigation with few clicks, keys and touches. The answer from SAP is FIORI.


Fiori Cockpit

Fiori Cockpit


The Fiori-style cockpit is a role-based personalized work centre for analytics, simplifying user operations in SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA.

The Fiori-style cockpit provides valuable BI analytics information for users’ daily operations and decision-making processes.

Users can also have a smooth experience with organizing and using comprehensive system functions in an immediate and visualized way.


The Fiori-style cockpit enables you to:

  • Group your most frequently used functionalities in one place
  • Focus on your responsibilities with the necessary information and data presented to you

Main Menu in the Fiori-Style Cockpit

SAP Fiori Main Menu

The Main Menu in the Fiori-style cockpit consists of two tabs: the Modules tab and the Drag & Relate tab.

For more information about using the Main Menu, see the SAP Business One Main Menu Section in the online help documentation.


Searching for Menus

SAP Fiori Search Menus Look Up


SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA lets you search for menus using the search bar on the Modules tab of the Main Menu.

In this way, you can find the menu of your choice easily without facing a cluttered display or having to click through every module.


Searching for Data Using Enterprise Search

SAP Fiori search data using enterprise search


SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA lets you search for data using the search box in the upper right corner of the Fiori-style cockpit.

This feature, known as Enterprise search, allows you to search fields of your business objects stored in your SAP HANA server.

Instead of having to navigate to the relevant menu and search through each invoice, you can easily enter a particular customer’s name and retrieve all related documents and information in your database.


How can I run faster?

SAP HANA, short for “High-Performance Analytic Appliance” is an in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system developed by SAP.



Data resides in-memory

Data is stored in your RAM (Random Access Memory) instead of a hard disk. Storing data in-memory eliminates time spent on reading and writing data to and from your hard disk.

A combination of hardware and software processes massive real time data using in-memory computing.


Both row-based and column-based database technology is used

Row vs Column Storage

SAP HANA’s column-oriented database storage method aids data compression, reducing query processing time by referencing information only from the relevant columns of information.

The diagram above shows the difference between data stored and processed in rows vs data stored and processed in columns.

A query seeking information about customer names, for example, would have to draw data from three rows with row-based storage, versus drawing data from only one column with column-based storage.

On the other hand, a query seeking information about a specific customer would retrieve only the required data by working with a specific row rather than columns (ie: Only Row 1 would be retrieved).


How can I run better?

In today’s world, customer interaction has shifted to text messages, email via phones and tablets, and social media networks.

Businesses are struggling with the problem of Big Data in real time for creating business value. Enterprises evolve and expect end users to discover the data themselves and analyse it according to their business requirements. This is a typical kind of problem that SAP HANA can solve.


Widget Gallery

SAP B1 Widgets Gallery


In SAP Business One version for HANA, you have

  • 15 new predefined dashboard widgets
  • 14 new predefined KPI widgets
  • 5 new predefined Count widgets
  • 4 new predefined Workbench widgets
  • New “My Recent Updates” widget


These widgets work together to help you achieve quick adoption of pervasive analytics technology.

With the easy to understand, real-time visual widgets, you can easily see information such as your top 5 vendors and top 5 best selling items, without having to dig deep to generate reports.

On a day to day basis, you can effortlessly identify and track your business statistics and trends, taking note of what’s working well, and taking immediate corrective measures for what’s not.

The ability to react immediately in a volatile business climate is key to your company’s success.


Count Widgets

The Count Widgets are simple but powerful features designed for you to get insights into your business.

You can create new Count Widgets based on user-defined queries, where the Count widget counts the query results. For example, it could display the number of customers who contributed more than a certain percentage of profit over the past 12 months.



The Workbench widgets guide users through key business processes, providing easy access to related functions. The 4 predefined widgets allow you to create and manage documents for:



SAP B1 Workflow Sales Process



SAP B1 Workflow Purchasing Process


Inventory management

SAP B1 Workflow Inventory Management Process



SAP B1 Workflow Financial Process


Users can easily understand, for example, the sales process. By looking at the relevant Workbench widget, a user can see how the creation of a Sales Quotation leads all the way to receiving Incoming Payments. The visual format simplifies otherwise complex processes, and also presents a convenient way to fulfil parts of the sales process all in one place.


Workbench Editor

If you prefer to customize the standard templates to your business requirements, you can use the Workbench Editor. The video below shows the step by step process!



 You can get more information about the Workbench Editor, as well as a download link here.


So there you have it, our guide to how you can run simpler, faster, and better with SAP Business One version SAP HANA, or B1HANA as we prefer to call it!


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