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Picking up the pieces

Mercy Relief is a Singapore humanitarian charity with a mission to help those in need around Asia. A non-governmental organisation, Mercy Relief works tirelessly to help communities suffering from the effects of natural disasters, poor sanitation, lacking healthcare and education facilities and much more. Devoting itself to longer-term development projects as well as responding with humanitarian aid in emergency situations, Mercy Relief has so far helped people across 23 countries since it launched in 2003.

Mercy Relief


The Blue Ocean Systems and Mercy Relief Relationship

Growing such a mission relying purely on donations and support from stakeholders is admirable; so when SAP approached Blue Ocean Systems about supporting Mercy Relief’s internal and administration function, it was an easy decision to make.

As a charity with limited resources, the business processes and systems used by Mercy Relief were developed organically as the organisation grew; this meant staff were using several different systems and relying on spreadsheets to complete their operational and financial work. Substantial time and effort was spent by employees updating duplicate information manually; systems were out-dated and not conducive to Mercy Relief’s mission to help the disadvantaged and impoverished.

The Blue Ocean Systems team worked with Mercy Relief to better understand their processes and requirements so the team could leverage the benefits of SAP Business One.

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The Before and After

Where previously Mercy Relief employees would work and store their own administrative data separately, they now enjoy the SAP enterprise platform where all the templates and documents they need are easily stored, updated and shared in one place.

Various processes and procedures were followed to fulfill Mercy Relief’s project work; this often led to missing data or duplication of effort. All employees can now follow the same standardised processes to consolidate their workload.

Relying on financial donations and support posed a further administrative problem for Mercy Relief and the tracking and reporting of income and expenses was cumbersome, and often inaccurate. SAP Business One’s finance function now enables Mercy Relief to track and report all incoming donations as well as where the money is being spent; a valuable tool to show their positive impact on communities as well as ensuring they are keeping stakeholders updated on their progress.

To learn more about Mercy Relief’s work and how Blue Ocean Systems supports them, watch the short video here.

To make a donation to Mercy Relief, please visit the donation page on their website or their secure online donation and fundraising portal.


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