Help! My Organisation is Sinking in Paper Files and Documents!

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Many clients approach Blue Ocean Systems asking for solutions to reduce the amount of paper their organisation uses. Small to medium sized enterprises can soon overflow with printed materials; invoices, order forms, reports, employee data, client files, legal documentation, the list goes on.

Apart from the inefficiency, reduced productivity, and environmental drain dealing with such vast amounts of paper can result in, there are several other reasons why clients are seeking innovative ways of handling their company’s data:

  • Increased cost of storage, especially in metropolitan areas.
  • Loss of data in printed materials.
  • High cost of labour to store and retrieve documents.
  • Globalisation of processes – international offices needing to access the same data.
  • Productivity concerns in today’s economic climate.
  • Legal and data protection challenges (especially surrounding medical documentation).
  • Incentive schemes from governments to reduce amount of paper data e.g. (IRAS PIC , IDA grants)


How will the Digitisation of Documentation Benefit my Organisation?

With a Document Management System (DMS), the digitisation of data is made simple and the process can be customised to meet your organisation’s specific processes and requirements. The major benefits include:

Electronic Document Management.

Efficient and intelligent version management and automated reminder functions for date-specific documents.

Fast Retrieval.

Sophisticated search and knowledge management functions to ensure your employees locate the right information, at the right time, in the right place.


Increased process optimisation, graphical display, and management of process flows provides greater visibility and access to your company’s data as well as process automation, i.e. Accounts Payable.

Email Management.

Revision-proof and legally compliant archiving of emails as well as intuitive client- and server-based archiving strategies.


Data synchronisation enabling data to be accessed remotely from your laptop.

Scalability and Migration.

DMS software can be customised to grow with your company’s expansion.


Full integration with your existing business applications, such as SAP Business One and the Microsoft Office suite.


Automated processes to ensure invoices and other confidential financial documents are analysed and stored to meet international compliance requirements whilst also protecting your company’s intellectual property.


Quick facts about Document Management Systems (DMS):

  • Globally, approximately 70% of all information is stored electronically, with the help of a powerful DMS.
  • By implementing a DMS, only ¼ of the time and 140 times less archiving capacity is needed, at a third of the cost.
  • €150b is saved every year in labour costs in Germany alone, according to expert analysis.


What’s Involved in the Implementation of a DMS?

The Blue Ocean Systems team ensures that your DMS implementation prepares your company for data digitisation, including:

  • Confirmation of user requirements – e.g. volume of documents, handling of hand written notes on documents, digitisation and workflow enablement.
  • Selection of scanning devices.
  • Configuration and implementation.
  • User training.
  • Support post-implementation.

Through Blue Ocean Systems, ELO Digital Office provides scalable document management solutions for all organisations;

ELOoffice for small companies

ELOprofessional for medium-sized and larger companies

ELOenterprise for large companies and enterprises

With over 500,000 users worldwide, ELO Digital Office has developed one of the world’s leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software. Implementing an ELO Digital Office product, such as ELOprofessional, can give small to medium organisations a unique competitive edge by reducing time as well as well as document storage and labour costs.

Would you like to know more about how ELO Digital Office can support your company’s document management requirements?

Contact Blue Ocean Systems to out more about ELO Digital Office solutions.


ELO Digital Office


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