Have you heard about RFID?


It’s a new year and we at Blue Ocean Systems are excited about bringing our clients even more value from their SAP Business One platform this year. We’ve recently started work with Intrasys to make this happen for our clients through what is thought to be the next step in IT evolution – R.F.I.D – Radio-frequency Identification. This is particularly relevant for SMEs in the inventory management field.


What are the benefits of RFID?

  • Replaces bar-code tagging, without extra steps
  • Can be hidden or embedded
  • Remotely identifies people, assets and location
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves visibility and traceability
  • Less error prone


How can SMEs apply RFID?

  • Access control for employees and partners
  • Access control for vehicles
  • Manufacturing automation
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Retail and operations
  • Product security
  • Maintenance


What are the benefits for inventory management?

The Gantry-based solution provides automated stock control within your premises. This means that every tagged item is accounted for once it passes through the gantry so it increases the accuracy of your inventory as well as the process efficiency. It also reduces out-of-stock occurrences with dull visibility.


The inventory management solutions are best used within:

  • Warehouse inventory control
  • Retail back store
  • Container management
  • Shipping/receiving verification

The solution can also be mobile hand-held, which provides a cost-efficient way for inventory control in any premises. It’s also able to perform on-the-spot inventory checks and adjustments with instant capture and displays in real-time on mobile devices.


Mobile/ hand-held benefits include:

  • Warehouse inventory control
  • Work-in-process-tracking
  • Container management
  • Check-in/check out


Does the solution deliver any tracking capabilities?

Yes, the following capabilities are possible with the RFID solution:


R.F.I.D can be extended with GPS tracking devices. It allows for a total visibility of the asset’s location, provides value-added information to improve business processes, optimise asset usage and reduce operation cost.

  • Fleet Management
  • Vehicle Security
  • SOS

Area Based (Zoning)

Location tracking via area zoning provides an overview of all assets in the specified zone in real time. It provides logging of time, entry location, tag information for every read and can be generated as a report to be viewed over a date range.

  • Personnel Tracking
  • High Value Item Tracking
  • Access Control

Gantry Based

Similar to usage under inventory management, tagged assets can be automatically scanned and logged once it has passed the gantry. Multiple gantries at different areas can allow effective location tracking of assets.

  • Roller Container
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Pallet Tracking

Indoor Positioning

Leveraging on proprietary measurement of distances, assets can be pinpointed to a 1 metre accuracy within premises.

  • Pathing control
  • Indoor routing
  • Access control

We believe that a combination of R.F.I.D and a strong back-end system such as SAP Business One, can help many of our clients cut down on tedious back-office work processes. The one-time investment in such a combined solution can bring in huge savings over time.


If you would like to talk to the Blue Ocean Systems about how this solution from Intrasys could bring benefits to your organisation, contact us today.


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