Giving control back to your customers with self-service solutions


It might surprise you to learn that your customers don’t actually want to speak to you when they have an issue to resolve! To put that into context, almost 70% of customers would prefer to resolve their issues on their own instead of having to contact you and spend precious time explaining their situation and what they want.

Whilst this mainly applies in the transactional or retail sectors, there are also strong reasons for B2B companies to empower their customers – for example, reducing the pressure on internal resources answering repeat queries.


How has Blue Ocean Systems responded to this need?

We know how SMEs work, we understand the challenges they face and we spend considerable time helping them to develop the most efficient processes and systems to run their businesses smarter with SAP Business One 9.1 Version for HANA.

We recognised the need for self-service solutions and with this in mind, created S³ (spoken S-Cube) – Self Service Solutions to help our clients better serve their customers as well as become more streamlined in a tightening economy.


What does the S³ solution do?

During the sales process, your interaction with prospects and customers can be time consuming. At a time when the sales team want to close a deal and move on to the next potential sale, they are often weighed down with endless documents and paperwork to complete (and we know that sales people are often not admin professionals!) The S³ creates an alternative for your customers where they can:

  • Quickly do a product search with specific details for a buyer
  • Locate sales documents that they need such as accounting details (instead of asking you to email them)
  • Easily navigate the system with an attractive user interface (UI)
  • Complete the required pieces of the sales process (reducing the need for your sales team to follow up as often)
  • Analyse current and past transactions in an intuitive graphical way


Will customers and prospects feel ‘abandoned’ if they don’t have a personal service?

We are seeing more and more demand to provide self-service options from our customers who, in turn, want to create better user experiences, add more value to their existing services and maximise their resources in tight labour conditions.

Whilst a personal service with numerous lengthy pre-sales and sales meetings might still be required by certain clients, there is a growing need to make things happen quickly and effectively.

Plus, when they experience the speed and ease of being able to obtain what they want, they are often quick to convert to the self service model. You will also find that with regular and repeat customers, their experience will become even more personalised because of the dynamic analytics models used in the solution – see below for more information.


What benefits can my customers enjoy from the S³ compared to the traditional process?

  • Immediate and accurate update on their sales order – no need to chase you for updates when they can track it all quickly themselves
  • Intelligent product searches based on your customer’s unique criteria – they don’t need lengthy product presentations and meetings
  • Access to download and upload the required documents to complete their order so their location and availability are no longer relevant
  • Help with analysing their buying patterns through business analytics – you can provide value-add services and help them to stand out from their competition


What about my business? How will I benefit?

In similar ways to how your customers will benefit, you can also expect:

  • Cross-selling opportunities based on your customer’s purchasing behaviour
  • Free up your sales team from administrative sales processing and follow up tasks, enabling them to pursue and close more deals
  • Accurate and proactive planning based on customer behaviour tracking – approach clients at the right time to get the sale
  • Become a provider of choice for the efficiencies you are creating for your customers and the experience you provide

Want to see the solution in action? Watch this short video.


How quickly and easily can the S³ solution be implemented in my business?

Implementation is quick and easy because it leverages your existing SAP B1 concepts.



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