Didn’t Make Our Recent Fujitsu and SAP HANA Event? Here’s What You Missed!

HANA Event 4 April 2014

27th March saw Blue Ocean Systems, SAP and Fujitsu host almost 60 professionals from a wide range of industries, including retail, logistics, healthcare and financial services in a morning of insightful news and sharing. Attendees were updated on the latest trends from SAP HANA as well as introduced to new ways of transforming their business through design thinking.


Highlights included:

1. Design Thinking in your business

Ronald Dalderup, co-founder and innovation catalyst of NBDA Asia introduced us to the idea of design thinking for your business; how to implement it to transform your business and render your competition irrelevant.


Fundamentals of design thinking:

Ideation – generating as many ideas as possible around the challenge you are facing or the needs of your target market; without judging or eliminating anything

Rapid prototyping – creating quick drafts or prototypes and gathering instant feedback for improvements on refining the idea

Reframing – viewing the situation from various perspectives to develop creativity

Learn more at NBDA




2. How SMEs can leverage SAP HANA

Marlon Suliguin, business analytics expert from our Blue Ocean Systems team shared a macro view of the SAP Business One and HANA platform and what differentiates it from other business information solutions on the market.

Particularly for SMEs, Marlon showed how easy to use the HANA analytics tool is, and the benefits of it over traditional sources of business analytics that can be tedious; for example, you can quickly identify your top salesperson in a particular region within just five clicks.




Connect with Marlon and learn more about how your business can gain better business insights.

Also, for more examples of how SAP HANA can help small business, read some of our recent blog posts.

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3. What’s new within SAP?

Paul Obediencia, Solutions Expert from SAP, provided the audience with an update of what’s happening within the Research and Development field at SAP.

One of the major highlights from the SAP Business One and SAP HANA Roadmap is the new and improved cockpit for SAP Business One HANA. It includes multiple Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) allowing the user to have all the important, relevant information at their fingertips.

For organisations, this means that the days of having to work through mountains of data to find the information you need are over; you can now have a completely personalised dashboard.


4. How Fujitsu and SAP work together for SMEs

Paul Lo, Regional Infrastructure Services and Solutions Manager, at Fujitsu, shared insights into how the close relationship between the two companies has grown over their 40-year partnership.

Combining the software innovations that SAP delivers with Fujitsu’s industry-leading hardware, means that SMEs are well catered for. Whether organisations need an on-premise, cloud or other solution to tap into the analytical capabilities of SAP HANA, Fujitsu’s appliances, along with the highly effective implementation capabilities of Blue Ocean Systems, means that SMEs are supported at each step of their growth journey.




5. Maximising government incentives for small business

Shawn Phua, Senior Business Advisor from the SME Centre, Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME) Singapore, provided details of how SMEs can leverage the many financial and support incentives available to SMEs.

Programmes and initiatives are aimed at:


Maximising growth, streamlining workflows, optimising supply chain


Adopting new technology and methodology, remaining ahead of the curve, implementing innovation into everyday operations


Automating processes, accessing the latest communications tools, embedding the best tools into your organisation


Fostering global partnerships, creating new avenues for expansion, encouraging collaboration



Read next week’s blog post where we will be providing more detailed information about how these incentives can work for you.

All participants of the event enjoyed the variety of topics discussed and learning about advances in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) field. We were able to offer insights into relevant solutions to help SMEs deal with manpower, competition, and cash flow issues, to enable organisations to reach their full potential.

At Blue Ocean Systems, we are never satisfied with the status quo and are constantly coming up with new ways to educate the SME market on available opportunities to advance their growth. Rather than just selling business solutions, the Blue Ocean Systems team aims to truly Amplify Your Business.


If you would like to find out more about our solutions, or any of the other above topics from the event, please contact us or give us a call on +65 6259 9738.

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