Did You Know SAP Process Manufacturing Could Do This?

Manufacturing 30 May 2014

Manufacturing is an industry where everything depends on the ability to continually produce top quality products or services; downtimes, inefficiencies, machinery faults and quality control measures are all risk factors affecting the bottom line. It’s important for manufacturing industries to leverage the best tools and technology available to them to maintain their success and grow their business.

Here are 8 things you may not know that SAP’s Business One manufacturing technology could help your company to do;

1) Get The Right Materials at the Right Price

Successful process manufacturing depends on having the right materials available, exactly when you need them. SAP Business One’s process manufacturing app automatically creates material reservations for the necessary ingredients / components and also raises purchase orders for materials or services that have to be externally sourced, whenever a new process order is created.

At the same time, the estimated costs can be determined for the whole or part of the process.


2) Have the Right Controls in Place

The quality team has a hard time making sure that all the necessary controls are in place, and followed. With SAP Business One, you can automatically generate control ‘recipes’ from the process instructions contained within the process order to provide your team with a standardised approach to maintain excellent quality.


3) Have the Knowledge when Things Go Wrong

Things will go wrong from time to time in manufacturing processes, but it’s important to know what the issues are and respond quickly when they arise. Giving power to the shop floor employees means you can gain instant insight into what’s happening – a mobile app used by any employee to log issues, directly into your SAP ERP, incorporates mobile photo and scanning, so senior executives in another office can know what’s happening and provide direction if needed. Watch this in action.


4) Repair what’s Broken

Broken machinery is inevitable in manufacturing industries, so your team on the ground need to efficiently install, inspect, maintain, and repair assets in the field. This is possible with the SAP mobile app that also includes safety checks for your workforce to follow. Of course, keeping machinery running reduces the cost of downtime and replacement, but it also enables you to keep on top of safety requirements and maintains the peak performance of your operations. Learn more.


5) Connect your Plant to your Operations

Imagine being able to reduce the cost, time and effort involved by improving the communications between your manufacturing teams and the rest of your business. If something isn’t working on the manufacturing floor, a process needs changing, or raw materials are causing issues, with SAP Business One, you can bring everyone together on a single platform to quickly resolve and mitigate problems.


6) Get the Best View

Combining all relevant events, stats, alerts, KPIs and controls, you can give your management team the best view of your shop floor operations with a range of visualisation tools and analytics. You can also control access via a role-based dashboard and facilitate quick and accurate decision making.


7) Innovate with Insights

Collaboration is key in product development so enabling all internal resources, partners, customers and suppliers to share critical data such as project plans, product specifications and audit results in a secure way makes this possible. This virtual teamwork increases efficiency, optimises cycle times and evaluates real-time calculations based on specified plans or objectives.


8) Convert Insight into Action

Having the right tools and data is one thing, but you will only see value if you are able to translate the analytics and insights into tangible results. Bringing together integrated sources such as quality tracking systems, machine performance statistics, maintenance and monitoring systems and sales figures, SAP Business One can produce relevant insights into the real state of your business, at all levels, at any time. You are able to see shop floor and manufacturing data alongside overall business management information to make truly informed decisions about the future of your business.


If you think these could benefit your manufacturing business, contact the ERP experts at Blue Ocean Systems.


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