Connecting your remote workforce to your customers


As our customers know, Blue Ocean Systems likes to be at the forefront of technology that enables organisations to run smarter. This includes new tools and applications from our partners that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of SAP Business One. This week, we’d like to introduce our latest solution partner app – coresuite by coresystems.


What is coresuite?

coresuite comprises solutions which connects your workforce to your customers to improve productivity, and improves current procedures to increase revenue and deliver a more streamlined, modern service through automation. coresuite is integrated seamlessly with SAP Business One, allowing a perfect transfer of information between your sales and service teams and backend staff.


What are the available coresuite solutions?

There are five main packages available that have been tailored to meet the needs of SMEs across various industries:


  1. Country Package

  • Easily create a single layout for all marketing documents
  • An easier way for customisation, decreasing the time taken for implementation. Custom extensions are programmed using C#
  • 50 languages supported, special country package for China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia and Korea
  • Reports translated based on Location
  • Batch Processing (Batch Emailing)
  • Print Automation (Report Subscription)
  • Enterprise Search

  1. Mobile Solution – For Sales and Service Technicians

  • Offline, mobile solution focused on sales and service

  • Allows field staff to have access to information such as orders and ship-to addresses while on the go


Sales team can have access to the following:

  • Create and view quotes and orders
  • Enter and update opportunities
  • Capture signature on approved orders and quotes
  • Detailed item information
  • Up-to-date stock levels
  • Comprehensive price lists


Service technicians can have access to the following:

  • Create and assign new Service Calls
  • Review status and details of Service Calls
  • Record material used for deployment
  • Track time and expenses on Service Calls
  • Capture signature on completed Service Calls
  • Support with service checklists / surveys


Resource planners have access to the following:

  • Employee planning made visual
  • Automatically synchronised with SAP Data
  • Fast and easy re-assignments by drag-and-drop
  • Field service updated via smartphone applications
  • Cloud-based web browser software
  • Scheduling of recurring maintenance and projects



  1. eCommerce Solution

ePages Webshop has the following features:

  • Design
  • Category Management
  • Marketing / Search Engine Optimisation
  • Link to Product Portals
  • Link to Facebook
  • Run together with ePages
  • Comprises three main parts


ePages Admin has the following features:

  • Sort by categories
  • Social Media Links
  • Interactive Search
  • Smart and responsive design
  • Overview of product catalogue


SAP Business One has the following features:

  • Item Management
  • Customer Management
  • Orders / Sales
  • Installation Wizard
  • Batch Processing
  • Price Management
  • Automatic Stock Sync
  • Individual Mapping
  • Supports payments by credit card, Paypal and invoices


  1. Time Management

  • Employee is able to fill up a timesheet to differentiate billable and non-billable hours
  • Log in Expenses linked to the project
  • Linked to the Finance module in SAP Business One
  • Simplifies the work done by the accounts team




  1. Cube

  • Presentation of information in Excel, Pivot Tables, Browser, Email and Mobile
  • Based on Data Warehouses in SQL
  • Reporting can be done quickly and simply on the iPad
  • Cubes to analyse information

Sales Cube

  • View sales by Item, Country, Sales Person etc

Finance Cube

  • Analysis of financials, consolidation report etc

Purchase Cube

Inventory Cube

  • Forecasting Report
  • Stock Value Analysis
  • Operates by subscription, and is independent of SAP Licenses


What benefits can the Coresuite solutions bring to my business?

  1. Cost reduction

With the ability to manage stock levels and service parts while your employees are out in the field, you can reduce costs and wastage.

  1. Improve productivity

By planning projects with more visibility and standardising your procedures, you can reduce monitoring times and increase productivity.

  1. Fix problems in real time

Understanding your customer better will help you to fix their broken assets quicker and keep them happy.

  1. Reduce repair times

Field officers will have all the customer and asset information at their fingertips to be able to reduce repair times.

  1. Increase service revenue

Be more proactive with service warranty tracking and managing and increase service revenues.

  1. Delight your customers

With proactive servicing, quick asset fixing, customised reporting and consistent procedures, you have the opportunity to become the provider of choice for your customers.

Your customer service model can also become more streamlined, meaning that the right people are dispatched to the right jobs, with the right tools, on time – every time.

By using the innovative coresuite solutions, you can really show your customers your value – when they need help, they can scan the QR code on their machine showing you all the service history data immediately. You can proactively manage the customer’s problem quickly and efficiently.

We believe that showing your customers how much they matter to your business, and being proactive (not reactive) to their requests will become ever more important, and solutions such as coresuite will help make this a reality for SMEs. Today’s enterprise technology enables SMEs to be agile, quick off the mark and compete with the bigger players.


If you’re interested in learning more about how coresuite can help your field operations, talk to Blue Ocean Systems today.


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