BOS Zeitgeist 2015: Part I


At Blue Ocean Systems, we talk a lot about the importance of reviewing your organisation’s achievements and looking for ways to improve things even further. So, as we near the end of 2015, we look back over the past 12 months for our organisation and it’s been a year we can all be extremely proud of.

Despite a somewhat slower year in the economy compared to the previous few, we made some huge leaps forward as a business. We also focussed internally and used our time wisely to grow our team’s skills and presence within the market.

Here are our 2015 highlights:

Who did we work with?

From F&B, shipping and science to telecommunications, construction and transportation, we were fortunate enough to support some of the regions most diverse SMEs in their exciting transition to SAP Business One version SAP HANA.

It doesn’t matter which industry an SME is in, they have some core challenges in common that SAP Business One can now help them overcome, including:

  • Consolidating multiple business processes across different locations by adopting best practices
  • Significant TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) savings
  • Eliminating redundant manual work
  • Improving stock status visibility
  • Integrating multiple streams of business across sales, purchasing, finance, inventory and service
  • Transforming data management from paper and Excel spread sheets to simple, useful reports in real-time
  • Uploading accurate data to global consolidation system
  • Developing business forms with varying layouts for several business units
  • Improving batch management and implementing better product traceability for quality management and tracking of item movements


What new solutions did we develop?

1. Mobile Warehouse

Improving the capabilities of warehouse management for the mobile workforce is now the next important step in business operations for many SMEs. With the SAP B1 mobile warehouse solution, companies can search their entire warehouse stock using batch and serial numbers, generate detailed information from the product barcode and synchronise all details to SAP Business One.

Learn more here.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is now supporting an SMEs inventory management processes with various tools including alerts, automatic tracking and reconciliation of inventory and the ability to draw real-time data from the warehouse to make quick decisions.

Learn more here.

3. Ericom Web Access

Ericom AccessNow enables small and midsize businesses access to SAP Business One — quickly and easily, without having to install anything on the end user device (just a HTML5 supported browser is required).

Learn more here.

4. ProcessForce

ProcessForce by CompuTec is a solution developed specifically for the process manufacturing industry. It combines SAP Business One with CompuTec’s process manufacturing expertise and is built 100% utilising the SAP Software Development Kit (SDK).

Learn more here.

How have we supported our customers this year?

In 2015, we supported over 400 companies and their subsidiaries with SAP Business One; this equals almost 3000 hours! But why maintain your SAP Business One platform and how does BOS provide that support?

It’s simple really, SAP Business One continues to improve on it’s industry-leading reputation and by maintaining your platform you can be sure to always have the latest technology for your business. Maintenance includes ongoing (and online) learning, problem resolution, forums, upgrades and much more.

Learn more about SAP maintenance here.


Blue Ocean Systems recognises that running a new software system can sometimes cause teething problems for SMEs. Anything that stops your business running costs you time and money; we aim to minimise these inconveniences by:

  • Providing full support via phone and email – we can access your SAP Business One system remotely and trouble shoot
  • If this doesn’t work, we’ll come to your location to see what the problem is
  • Ensuring any downtime for your system is necessary and minimal
  • We keep you in the loop at all times
  • Our team are experts at what they do so you can always be sure you are receiving the best service possible – we are an SAP Gold Partner and all staff maintain their product and implementation certifications (SAP Gold Partners account only for the top 2% of all SAP Partners and VARs!)


What events have we been involved in recently?

2015 was a great time for the Blue Ocean Systems team and community to come together with our shared interests: everything SME!

In October, we partnered with AGHRM and Ascendere 9, to deliver an interactive seminar on digital transformation, including how to remain competitive locally and globally, discovering new options to improve business processes and systems and how to ensure your SME runs better and faster.

Read our full write up here.



In August, the BOS team had a booth at the SCCCI SME Event, which saw thousands of attendees from a wide range of industries come together for the two-day SME focused conference. Topics and highlights included embracing Gen Y in your workforce, new ways to embed creativity and innovation into your SME, running a simple business in an ever more competitive world and how to leverage the Singapore Smart Nation incentives.

Learn more about the event here.



So much has happened in 2015 we couldn’t fit it all into one blog post! Stay tuned for part two next week.


As always, we love to hear from you, so contact us to discuss any of the issues or challenges raised above or if you would like to learn more about how SAP Business One can transform your business in 2016. 

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