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We recently started a new series of posts where the Blue Ocean Systems team share their favourite SAP features (because there are so many!)

In this post, Arun introduces another SAP Business One pick -> Relationship Map, which he knows many of the SME clients love, too.


What is a Relationship Map?

A Relationship Map in SAP Business One Version for SAP HANA, is a quick and easy way to display graphical data, particularly purchasing, sales and marketing documents.

It enables users to start with a simple piece of information, such as a sales order number, and from there you will be shown all linked documentation in a document tree, including sales quotation, sales order number, delivery details, A/R invoice and pending payments.

This includes base and target documents, providing users with a large amount of useful information at a glance, with the option to dig deeper if needed.

Here’s a quick video that demonstrates the key features of the Relationship Map…




Many of our SME clients find this method of locating linked information the simplest way of delving into their data to quickly understand the full picture of what’s happening, and, because it is based on the most up to date information across their SAP platform, they can be sure that what they are seeing is accurate.


What are some of the features of a relationship map?

The below image shows an example of a relationship map:




The starting point was an A/P invoice (shown in the centre) with all linked documentation displayed around it.

To display the relationship map, simply right click on the source document and select relationship map:




Depending on the starting point you select and the type of view you wish to have, you could be shown:

  • Document type
  • Document number
  • Posting date
  • Business partner reference number
  • Document total
  • Balance due (green = gross amount, yellow = gross amount paid, blue = gross amount copied into the next document in the chain, red = balance due)
  • Item description
  • Item number


The lock icons depict whether the documents are open or closed and the grey circle means the document has been cancelled. A green tick indicates payment has been received.

To delve further, double clicking any of the documents displayed will take you directly to the source data / document.


How can the relationship map feature benefit my business?

  • Customer service team can quickly look into an issue if they have the customer on the phone needing assistance with their order
  • Accounts team can easily access all the linked data they need from a simple starting point and get the full picture of pending and confirmed payments
  • Marketing team can look at data for specific clients and analyse their order and sales history for future marketing activities
  • Sales team can access client specific data to understand their purchasing trends and be proactive in their planning
  • Management can gain a quick and simple view of real time data from almost any starting point without the need to create or request lengthy, time consuming reports
  • All authorised users can utilise this tool quickly and easily due to its intuitive design and UI


I love this feature and want to learn more about implementing it in my organisation. What do I need to do?


Contact us to discuss how this feature can simplify your access to information relating to multiple related documents and speed up your responses to internal and customer queries.


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