Blue Ocean Systems Scoops SAP Recognition Award!

We are pleased to announce that Blue Ocean Systems Pte Ltd has been awarded the esteemed Outstanding Partner Recognition Award: SAP B1 Project for PS Fasteners Pte Ltd.

SAP Award 2012

At a celebratory cocktail dinner held at Alkaff Mansion in Singapore on 22nd November, the award was announced. The Blue Ocean Systems team members were delighted that their hard work and dedication to their customers had been recognised in such a prestigious way.

In response to the award, we would like to express gratitude to the following parties:

Our Customer

PS Fasteners

We have worked closely with this Singapore-based enterprise for several years now and have taken great pleasure in witnessing their continuing growth and achievements. Their willingness to embrace change, develop new ways for working and contribution to the positive SAP implementation ensured success for all.

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As an SAP Partner, we are very lucky to have such fantastic support from this wonderful organisation. Their dedication to their partners is unwavering at all levels and we are consistently inspired and encouraged to achieve more.


BOS Team

I am very proud of the Blue Ocean Systems team here in Asia who diligently work towards excellence each and every day. Their passion for SAP, their commitment to client projects and their perseverance through challenging times has made it possible for us to be recognised with this award. Thank you team, you are the best!


What can we learn from winning this award?

Collecting this award on behalf of Blue Ocean Systems gave me the opportunity to reflect on how and why we were able to succeed and what lessons we can learn for the future.

I believe the success came down to 3 things which are key factors in all SAP implementations:

1) Commitment to understand the client.

We took the time to work with PS Fasteners and truly understand their business processes before we even looked at how SAP would fit in. We learnt about the company, its history, its mission, its values. We did not offer an out of the box, one size fits all solution but customised the system to meet their unique business model.

2) Flexibility.

During the post-implementation support, the client identified an important print layout was incorrectly formatted. Understanding how relevant this was for their business operations, we immediately fixed this. Although time and effort is put into the implementation planning stage, we know that a lot of things can change once everything is switched on. We stay around during this bedding in phase.

3) Follow industry best practices.

As we work with clients to fully understand their business, we also suggest new ways of working. For PS Fasteners, we helped them to streamline sales documents and financial processes so they could begin to work smarter. For some companies, they must stick to their existing procedures, but most can benefit from doing things differently, with a little outside support.

SAP Award


So, what now?

Whilst we are all immensely happy with this wonderful achievement, it is not time to sit back and relax; the opposite in fact! We must use this success to propel ourselves forward and achieve even more. It’s nice to know we are on the right track, but we recognise that there is still a lot of work to be done.

This recognition has also inspired our team to deliver more projects that could qualify for future awards. For example, we are actively working towards AQM (Active Quality Management) qualification to ensure quality deployments becomes part of our DNA.

If you would like to speak to me, or my team of ERP specialists, please contact us.


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