Back to School for SMEs

Back to School for SMEs

We posted recently about digital disruption and how your business could be adversely affected if you don’t pay attention to what’s happening in the world of test social technology.

But digital disruption doesn’t always have to be a negative thing; it can also bring lots of benefits to your organisation, particularly SMEs who struggle with resources. One major digital disruption is in the field of learning…

No longer reserved for the larger companies who can afford to pay for expert facilitators and coaches to up-skill their staff, high quality training and support is now accessible online by anyone – and the diverse range of courses on offer means it is fast becoming the preferred way for organisations to ensure their employees have the skills they need.

Here are some of the hottest learning trends and resources to equip your team (without spending a fortune):

MOOCs go corporate

MOOCs, short for Massive Open Online Courses, enable participants to undertake modules or full courses in a chosen field, often for free. Students do not need to attend traditional lectures or seminars and can complete the course at their own pace.

They are becoming so popular that major organisations are now co-branding MOOCs with academic institutions to provide specific course content for future employees.


MOOCs go corporate

Coursera provides free access to the world’s top universities and academic institutions and, as of May this year, almost 13 million students had registered. Top universities from around the world are already active partners – Yale, Stanford, NUS and NTU to name but a few.

Another MOOC provider – edX – was established by Harvard and MIT to provide access to education for everyone, everywhere. edX is currently the only MOOC provider that is not for profit and open source.

Blue Ocean Systems’ Jacob Tan recently took part in OpenSAP’s MOOC  when he won the Fiori build an app competition.


  • Open SAP

For those working with SAP within their own organisation, OpenSAP provides a full range of courses to help developers, entrepreneurs, consultants and students to get the most out of SAP.

Online courses include various levels of coding, business innovation, employee performance, mobile applications, leadership, digital transformation and many more. Check out OpenSAP for more information.


  • Open
The social learning network of the Hasso Plattner Institute offers a vast range of interactive technology-focussed online courses. By creating a social learning community, openHPI brings participants from all backgrounds and skillsets together, and provides an open forum to share skills and insights. Recent courses have included in-memory data management, analytics, and business process modelling.


  • MOOC House is the white label online publishing platform of the Hasso Plattner Institute and provides individuals and organisations the opportunity to create their own content to reach a wider online audience. Based on the openHPI platform, provides a range of features to anyone wanting to create professional and interactive online course content.


Features available include an integrated media player, multiple document sources, interactive self-assessments, community and discussion forums and statistics and analysis. Public or private sector organisations can easily create free and professional courses via the platform without the need to invest in professional software or consultants.


Making learning fun

Making learning fun

Motivating learners and adding a competitive element to learning – gamification – is already big and is set to play an even bigger role in online courses with the growing popularity of augmented and virtual reality.


Making it personal

Instead of the traditional method of following the modules of a specific course, learners will be able to pick and choose the areas they want to focus on and gain credit for. This approach makes sense when we consider the requirements of Millennials (Gen Y) to have things customised their own way.

The options are endless and no doubt more MOOC providers will crop up too – SMEs can leverage these free or cost effective resources to access the tools and knowledge needed to develop their workforce.


Contact the Blue Ocean Systems team of ERP consultants to learn more about how the right skills and knowledge can impact your business today and in the future.


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