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SAP Business One as an out-of-the-box solution provides the base functionality for most companies to run their operations. However, we recognise that there are certain industries that have unique requirements that may not be fulfilled by a standard SAP Business One implementation.

At Blue Ocean Systems, we aim to minimise the amount of customisation done to the SAP Business One solution. As such, we work with industry partners who are experts in certain verticals to provide solutions for your unique requirements.

If you are in retail and need a point-of-sale solution, we will work with our retail partner to deploy a retail model that works seamlessly with SAP Business One.

Have unique requirements for your manufacturing processes? We have the capabilities to better manage your manufacturing floor with our partners, as well as ProcessForce.

We are confident that SAP Business One can be fully scalable with your company’s ambition. Regardless of which industry you are looking to expand into, your employees will only need to learn and manage one backend solution, SAP Business One, with applications powered by the partners of Blue Ocean Systems.


Manufacturing (process)

Our partner-supported solution provides all the capabilities required by Process Manufacturers, right within SAP Business One, to provide a single application integrating financial, sales, purchasing, inventory, planning and production management while completely supporting your research & development and compliance teams.

We work with ProcessForce, who focus on process / recipe-based industries such as consumer products (e.g. personal care, food and beverage), life sciences (e.g. pharmaceuticals and biotechnology), building products (e.g. concrete and glass products) and chemicals (e.g. rubber and plastic products).

ProcessForce provides ERP Solutions completely built within the leading industry-standard platform: SAP Business One, plus the power of SAP HANA.


Features of ProcessForce include:

  • Product data management
  • Ingredient declaration
  • Formulations and recipes
  • Manufacturing orders
  • Material backflushing
  • Batch traceability


Business Benefits

  • Single interface

    One environment for everyone to work in

  • Single Login

    One system to maintain and secure, freeing up IT staff

  • Single menu

    One system to learn and train your staff on, all transactions run from the SAP Business One menu with the same look and feel

  • Compliance

    Your system will always be updated and compliant as regulations and requirements change

  • Forecasting

    With highly visual planning tools, you can determine exactly what you need to make, and what you need to purchase to make it. Precise planning, together with improved inventory control, leads to 98%+ inventory accuracy and more profit on the bottom line

  • Increase operational efficiency

    Manage the path your products take through the plant with pre-determined routings, make required instant changes on the Planning Board, and adjust batches in a quality-controlled environment

  • Empower your warehouse staff

    Process your transactions as they occur throughout the plant with Data Collection, so you avoid double-processing and ‘write-it-down’ inaccuracies


Learn more:

Watch ProcessForce video

View SAP Business One demos


Manufacturing (discrete)

Our solution supports manufacturing planning, control and implementation in small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. The structure of the manufacturing order remains the focal point and provides information at all times about the planning status implementation progress.

Manufacturing orders from systems or machines with customer-specific adaptations can, for example, be drafted, planned, released and manufactured stepwise/overlapping:

  • Master Data enhanced for Logistics and Manufacturing
  • MRII and Production for different Strategies / Organisations
  • Rough Cut Capacity Planning
  • Detailed Planning (Pool Monitoring)
  • Quality Control
  • Pre-calculation
  • Concurrent and Post-calculation, Work in Progress
  • Product Configurator
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)
  • Multiple Warehouse / Bin Location Management
  • Mobile Solution Warehouse Management
  • Time Recording and Production Data Collection
  • Cost Accounting, Machine Hour Costing, Marginal Costing
  • Machine Data Collection, Direct Machine Connection
  • Mobile Solutions (Web Apps)


Business Benefits

  • Transition from manual or incomplete solutions to an integrated ERP system
  • Increase visibility into manufacturing operations on real-time basis
  • Reduce wastage and human errors
  • Improved reporting and analysis for dashboards and visualization – using SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI

For manufacturing businesses group offers a specific overall solution. The group deals with the industry specific configuration of SAP Business One and develops additional highly integrated standard software products for manufacturing and cost accounting/controlling. has been the solution partner for small and medium-sized companies for over twenty years and is one of the leading SAP Solution Partners for SAP Business One for defined vertical markets in discrete and process manufacturing as well as for the parts supply industry.


Learn more:

Read more about
Download the latest brochure – PDF (1.9MB)
Watch a video


Maintenance, repairs and overhaul (MRO)

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) ensures that an item is either retained or restored to a state in which it can perform its expected function; this includes technical, administrative, managerial and supervisory actions.

Blue Ocean Systems works with 2MoRO and their AeroOne solution to offer SAP Business One-based integrated MRO support and best business practices for companies that have MRO activities as their core business. 2MoRo develops high-performance software solutions for SAP Business One. The AeroOne product suite is seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One and covers the full range of production, from make-to-stock to engineer-to-order.


The AeroOne product suite includes:

  • Fleet management

    Manage fleet data, follow equipment and associated events, manage and apply industry regulations, plan maintwnnce and generate customised reports
  • AeroOne services

    Record every client contact, define the specifics ofa customer issue, identify the root cause, personalise alerts
  • MRO management

    Define visits, tasks, and operations to be performed; prioritise; visualise upcoming operations; forecast necessary parts


MRO Business Benefits

  • Accurate and on-time invoicing
  • Improved utilisation rate of resources
  • Extensive financial control
  • Increased visibility and profitability
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Easy to comply with industry regulations and requirements


The solutions provided by 2MoRo include industry-specific solutions for greater functionality, shorter implementation times and lower cost. All with the purpose to deliver faster growth, higher margins, increased productivity, and a more competitive enterprise.

Read more about 2MoRo


Project management

The primary challenge of project management is to achieve the defined outcomes whilst adhering to an organisation’s constraints, which usually include resources, time, and budget.

Common desired outcomes for projects include adding value to an organisation, reducing expenditure, successful software implementation or improved workflows.

Blue Ocean Systems, in partnership with our solution partner Variatec, offers SAP Business One-based, integrated, affordable project management and accounting solutions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of small and midsize companies.

From planning, data recording, data approval and financial analysis, our integrated solution (BXProject) provides a uniform user interface to cater for an organisation’s entire workflow. Users are able to gain on-demand, real-time access to the business critical information they need to make informed decisions.

This fully customisable and affordable solution can be implemented within just days and has a very high user acceptance rate due to the intuitive and user-friendly interface.


Business Benefits

  • BXProject is an integrated system and therefore avoids costly, error-prone workarounds across multiple software tools

  • BXProject is a powerful and sophisticated planning tool with user-friendly interfaces, flexible options to update planning (e.g. resource planning, Gantt planning, and multi project planning) and data import and export capabilities

  • The Web Client allows you to enter and analyse customer and project data independent of location and time

  • Powerful controlling and reporting tools, such as Remaining Volume Report, Degree of Completion Report or Breakeven Analysis

  • Web-based Support Desk which allows for managing the entire workflow of support calls, from request and request handling to the successful close. Customers or employees enter requests in the Support Desk; the employee responsible documents all handling steps concerning a request. When a request has been successfully closed, the customer can be invoiced if applicable


BXProject is an easy-to-use and affordable solution with a short implementation time.

Learn more about Variatec


Retail management

CitiXsys supports over 4000 customers in over 45 countries with their suite of retail products and solutions, making them the largest Software Solution Partner to the SAP Business One community. Specialising in retail and wholesale distribution, they are experts in their field and have received several industry innovation and excellence awards.

Read more about CitiXsys here.


Here are some of their most advanced solutions already being used by thousands of retail organisations across the globe:

  • iVend Retail – Enterprise, Store and Point of Sale (POS)
  • iVend Loyalty – business loyalty programmes
  • iVend eCommerce – online platform solutions
  • iVend Mobile – mobile retail application
  • iVend Analytics – sophisticated reporting capabilities

This is just a snapshot of the partners we work with to ensure your business benefits from the very best solutions tailored to your specific needs, without the need for lengthy (and expensive) customisations.


Contact the Blue Ocean Systems team today to learn more about how we can offer you an integrated and specific industry solution.




If you know or work with an SME who might be wondering how their industry needs can be met with SAP Business One, connect us to them today so we can help them to understand more about our solutions.


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