A round up of SAP and SME news in Singapore


There are always lots of new developments in the world of SAP HANA and SMEs so we’ve rounded up some of the most interesting and relevant news from around the region:


SAP amps up its UI

We posted recently about why User Interface Design (UI or UX) is so important to clients; not only for the look and feel of a system or application but also for it’s engagement, ease of use and instant access to accurate data. Now, SAP is taking this theory in-house by developing a range of enterprise apps for the Apple Watch.

Speaking at a tech conference, SAP’s Sam Yen reinforced the importance of a positive user experience, at all levels; even a simple backend application can be transformed into something that engages its users. As employees now have access to their own range of technology, both at home and often also at work, it’s becoming more important to put the focus on the user from the beginning.

SAP has developed a platform for enterprises to develop user-friendly apps through their application, SAP Fiori.

Read more about Blue Ocean Systems winning a recent Fiori challenge.

The apps that SAP will focus on to begin with include SAP Wire, for enterprise instant messaging, SAP News, that displays the company’s relevant briefings and activities and SAP Mobile Documents for viewing and editing presentations on iPhones or Apple Watches.

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Business Intelligence showing no signs of slowing down

To succeed in these turbulent times, SMEs need to act quickly, make decisive decisions based on accurate data and adapt their approach when needed. The increasing volume of Big Data is causing barriers to this and as new streams of unstructured source data are popping up regularly (e.g. social media, images, videos, sound bytes etc.), without a good Business Intelligence (BI) tool to support you, you soon won’t be able to see the wood for the trees.

It is estimated that the global BI business will grow at a rate of 8.25% between last year and 2019. And it’s little wonder when companies are forced to streamline and optimise their entire business operations.

Read more on the data behind this growth estimate.


Financial management for an enterprise rainy day

At a recent financial management conference, SPRING Singapore’s deputy chairman, Piyush Gupta, encouraged SMEs to look harder and deeper for ways to manage tight cash flows in the current slow economic times. He also reminded businesses that sound financial planning in the first place would stand a company in good stead for the future.

A sound recommendation was also to use this time to focus on a robust financial management system to equip your business with the right tools and structure for when things pick up again, hopefully in the not too distant future.

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What’s the real situation for SMEs in Asia?

A study by the Asia Cloud Computing Association has thrown up some interesting questions and statistics about SMEs, given that they represent 99.5% of companies in the region. For example, up to 98% of employment can be attributed to SMEs as well as up to 75% of a nation’s GDP (within Asia).

Gaps in technology used by SMEs was also an interesting outcome of the report: 73% of SMEs do not use ICT when conducting their business, and those that do rely mainly on the internet (67%) and only 12% had their own website.

Read more about the insightful study.


Singapore, the Smart Nation

SMEs make up 99% of Singapore’s enterprises, and contribute to nearly half of its GDP. The 180,000 companies in Singapore also hire 70% of the total workforce.

Recognising the importance of SMEs in Singapore, and throughout Asia Pacific, has been a regular theme for discussion amongst the business community, and with good reason.

Early adoption of technology that helps SMEs to automate, analyse their data and cope in changing market conditions, including mobile technology, will set them ahead. Overcoming cost, time and complexity of implementation barriers will drive SMEs forward according to experts from Singapore’s industry bodies.

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Slower economic times offers a good opportunity to look within your company at the day to day operations and determine what might be holding you back; process automation, expanding product range and reach, and engaging with your consumers can be achieved by implementing a solid ERP solutions such as SAP Business One version SAP HANA.


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