A champion amongst us – SAP Community Network leaderboard success!


Here at Blue Ocean Systems, we talk a lot about how important it is for companies to attract, hire and retain the best talent to ensure their ongoing success and growth (and of course how SAP Business One version SAP HANA can play a role in that).

Having the best talent also applies to our own in-house team. Hot off the heels of Jacob’s recent win in the SAP Fiori challenge, we’ve had further reason to celebrate when BOS’s SAP Consultant, Nagarajan Kothandaraman, was listed as a top contributor – diamond level – in the SAP Community Network.


What is the SAP Community Network?

The SAP Community Network (SAP SCN) is an online forum that was set up for SAP users to interact, learn and exchange best practice. Users can ask questions, share tips and advice and help others gain the most out of their SAP solution.

Participants can build an expert reputation from the advice and help they provide others; this input is also supported by SAP’s reputation program that uses game mechanics to measure activity, recognises contributors, and helps to establish credibility and visibility as a leader in the community.

Within this reputation program is where we see a champion amongst us – Naga has accumulated over 24,000 points and has reached the diamond level within the program – the highest level possible.

In this post, Naga shares his insights on the benefits of participating in the SCN and how he helps others, while also learning new tips along the way…


When did you start contributing in the SCN and why?

Since September 2012, so just over three years ago, I have been part of the SCN. I like to contribute my knowledge and help those who need it – this also means I can improve my own SAP B1 knowledge and skills because sometimes I have to really work to find a solution for someone else and I always learn something that I can apply to my own work.


What are some of the common topics you help people with?

It can vary but I generally step in and help users with tools such as approval procedure, formatted search queries (FMS), customised reports, modifying print layout (PLD), transaction notification and document/transaction errors. But I like to help across a broad range of questions too.


Do you use the community to answer your questions too? If so, which topics?

Absolutely, it’s definitely an information exchange and I learn just as much as I help others. I know I can trust the help and advice I am receiving so I can get a quick and accurate answer on most topics. Some of the areas I’ve had help in the past with include finance & SAP Customer Checkout.


What advice would you give to someone new to the SCN community who wants to find out information about particular SAP topics?

Ensure that the consultant providing the answer or help is familiar with that particular process flow, for example, someone helping with the sales and purchase process should have in-depth knowledge of the process themselves.

I’d also recommend users check out the various tools within the SCN, such as:

  • SAP e-learning courses
  • SAP Business one to go
  • SAP How to guides
  • SAP help file
  • SAP notes – especially the FAQs

There’s also a great book that I’ve personally found useful – Mastering SQL Queries for SAP Business One by Gordon Du. This book is particularly useful to understand the link between tables, stored procedures, transaction notification etc. 


What tips (do’s / don’ts) can you provide others who might want to help people in the SCN but not sure how to offer the best support?


  • Answer on topics familiar to you so you can provide the right context

  • For new topics, check the information in SAP before replying so that, you can also learn from new issues/process


  • Copy and paste other members’ answers to gain points – you will be found out!
  • Go against the SAP support policy, for example, update/insert/delete SAP B1 tables


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