9.0 Business Logic Enhancements and Benefits

In last week’s blog post, we introduced some of the key enhancements SAP Business One Version 9.0 will bring. Now we take a deep dive into each of those enhancements to bring you more information about what the benefits mean for you and your organisation. This week, we begin by taking a look at Business Logic.

Bin Locations

What are the enhancements?

Currently, you are limited on how you can define your warehouse structure and inventory categories. This means that you might need to adjust your inventory activities according to the system. With SAP Business One Version 9.0 you will have much more freedom to assign multiple bin locations including ‘per item, per group and per warehouse.’ You will also be able to set up your bin locations with up to 10 user-defined attributes (e.g. weight, frozen, fragile etc).

You will also have more capabilities to manage your reserved products and to improve your ‘available to promise’ responses.

Reporting on your bin locations will also be possible to support bin location data within your warehouse locations.

What are the benefits?

-> Optimise your stock movements (increase delivery capabilities and reduce waste)

-> Enhanced visibility over your entire stock levels

-> Split warehouse activation down to zone, area, shelf and even row!

-> Uniquely defined inventory bin locations according to your business requirements

-> View screens for bin location receipt and manually issue transactions

-> Pick & Pack Manager supports bin locations

-> Minimise risk to your inventory

-> Improved reporting abilities to support lean inventory processing methods (provides benchmark information for KPI setting)


Inventory Counting

What are the enhancements?

SAP Business One Version 9.0 will enable you to define more flexible count frequencies and allow you to set reoccurrences for these frequencies. The new end-to-end process for stock counting links your cycle count processing to your stock taking activities allowing you greater customisation over the inventory items which cause you the most pain.

For larger warehouses, two stock takers will also be able to count items at the same time and you will have the ability to freeze stock while the counting takes place.

What are the benefits?

-> Improved documentation to support your inventory taking process

-> Ability to count exact number of serial and batch managed items

-> Analyse the quantities and differences while inventory process is taking place

-> Ability to compare stock levels between two stock takers


Multiple Units of Measure

What are the enhancements?

Currently businesses cannot group together single units of measure; with SAP Business One Version 9.0 this will be possible based on conversion rules. Additionally a default UoM can be converted automatically to an alternative UoM during the transaction process.

What are the benefits?

-> Ability to sell and purchase in any unit measure required for your business

-> Unlimited global and product UoM conversion factors can be incorporated


Purchase Requests

What are the enhancements?

Significant improvements have been made to the Purchase Quotations Generation Wizard resulting in the ability for businesses to create purchase requests as a preliminary step of the purchasing process. You will also be able to create purchase quotations or orders directly from the Purchase Request form or report.

What are the benefits?

-> Improved visibility for your purchasing department over goods sold and required

-> A tangible control over purchasing goods means your expenses and budget are optimised


Price Lists and Discount Groups

What are the enhancements?

With the improvements SAP Business One Version 9.0 brings your business, you will be able to assign multiple currencies to your price lists as well as assign price lists per client or vendor. You will also be able to set active and validity period for price lists and discount groups and be able to quickly analyse pricing and discounts in transactions.

What are the benefits?

-> Improved flexibility and greater management control over pricing and discount groups

-> Better reporting provides you with greater visibility over pricing and discount activities


Payment and Deposit Cancellation

What are the enhancements?

A challenge for any organisation can be the efficient management of payments and deposits and tracking each transaction. With SAP Business One Version 9.0, this will be made easier for you with improved system support including the cancellation of payments with deposited cheques, the automatic cancellation of non-deposited cheques and its related payment and the return of the cheque to the issuer when required.

What are the benefits?

-> More sophisticated and flexible approach to payment handling


Marketing Document Cancellation

What are the enhancements?

A cancellation document is created with each cancellation procedure (for compliance purposes) and all reversals are automatically and fully reconciled within the system.

What are the benefits?

-> This supports countries where it is not legally compliant to create a Credit Memo document for incorrectly added invoices

-> Increase productivity with a one step process


GL Account Determination

What are the enhancements?

A centralised matrix to determine GL accounts supports most settings for items, item groups, warehouses, business partner groups, federal tax ID and many more.

What are the benefits?

-> A much more simple and effective way to track and view your GL account log


Fixed Assets Integration

What are the enhancements?

The new improvements with SAP Business One Version 9.0 includes an integrated, fixed asset solution for end-to-end processing as well as the ability to handle various accounting areas more efficiently.

What are the benefits?

-> Ability to add customer specific enhancements

-> Meets cross-localisation accounting standards


Drop Ship

What are the enhancements?

The drop ship process in SAP Business One Version 9.0 will support serial and batch managed items as well as allocating serial numbers within the warehouse function.

What are the benefits?

-> Ability to provide improved customer service with tighter drop ship process capability


Landed Costs

What are the enhancements?

Landed costs will be better managed with the ability to create them directly from the AP invoice using the ‘Copy From’ function. This can also be done without the need for a Goods Receipt.

What are the benefits?

-> More streamlined procurement process significantly increasing the efficiency of your team


Item Costs on A/R Returns & A/R Credit Memos

What are the enhancements?

This small, yet significant enhancement means that the item cost for any goods returned via an A/R Credit Memo or A/R Returns can be updated if it has no base document.

What are the benefits?

-> More sophisticated approach to inventory management

-> Less manual time spent on calculating item costs for goods returned


System Currency Reconciliation

What are the enhancements?

The existing SAP internal reconciliation functionality has been enhanced with Version 9.0 to support SC management. New posting accounts have been added which result in automatic SC postings with any internal reconciliation.

What are the benefits?

-> Improved internal financial processing


View SAP 9.0 in action in these informative videos.

Watch out for next week’s post on the SAP Business One Version 9.0 enhancements where we will be looking at the sustainability and technology improvements.

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