3 Benefits of the SAP Query Generator

Query Generator

Wouldn’t you like to make the most of your ERP and use all functionality to the maximum benefit for your business? Our new series of posts sees the Blue Ocean Systems team share their favourite SAP Business One feature for SMEs that may have gone unnoticed. Don’t miss out on the tools that might already be at your fingertips!

In this post, Jaren introduces us to the query generator that companies can use to extract specific data and create simple reports easily, with little technical know how.


What is the query generator?

The query generator is a SAP Business One tool that allows businesses to generate ‘queries’ or simple reports using the SQL query engine. With such technology, your employees are able to manage their own reporting needs with little or no input from the IT team.

The query generator enables SMEs to:

  • Create almost any query to quickly answer business questions
  • Access all database information
  • Create individual report forms using the simple query syntax 


How does the query generator work?

Table and field information within your SAP B1 platform can be accessed with full descriptions for the corresponding codes.


The full SQL command is then shown and allows you to edit the SQL directly if necessary. In the below example, you might want to remove some information or only extract data from certain customers:



Parameters can also be added in the report which allows users to filter the reports or limit the data that will be shown.



You can save a query for later use, or for other users to run the same query. This is useful for your employees who need to run the same query multiple times a day or for lots of different employees needing to extract the same data:




The team at Blue Ocean Systems recommends that your business first define a few simple queries to become familiar with this tool, and then generate more complex reports when you are more comfortable.

It’s also a good idea to consider what you would like to get out of the query generator, maybe even as a team or business unit – for example, you might want to regularly extract delivery fulfillment times at peak seasons of the year to anticipate required staffing levels ahead of time.

How can the query generator tool benefit my business?

1. The query generator enables anyone within your business to pull together reports that they might otherwise have had to rely on the technical experts for. This means your business can keep moving forward, with accurate data in the hands of those who need it, when they need it. Business decisions can be made immediately instead of waiting on the statistics.

2. Your employees will feel empowered because they have the tools they need available to them and can take action on their own.

3. This also means that your technical team do not spend their time generating the same report over again and can focus their time on more innovative activities.


I know the query generator tool would benefit my business, how can I access it?


Contact Blue Ocean Systems to discuss how this feature will help your company in creating fast and simple reports to make the critical business decisions SMEs need to everyday.


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