Business Reporting: Is it all Worth it?

This may sound familiar to many of you: each day begins with an influx of emails to your Blackberry / iPhone / Smartphone device and before you’ve even left home you’ve downloaded several attachments full of facts, figures and colourful charts from numerous departments telling you the average call volume, the number of emails received…

Change is a Risky Business

Ensuring your company manages change and risk effectively can be tricky: Change and risk are often mutually exclusive in our organisations; you can’t embrace risk without some form of change taking place, and you can’t implement risk-free change. So what should you do? Stay safe and never change? Or, jump into risky situations whenever they…

Dynamic Decision Making

SAP HANA is revolutionising the way companies use predictive analytics to make better decisions on petabytes of Big Data. Companies are also leveraging the integration between SAP HANA and their SAP CRM.

Big Data brings Bigger Challenges and Even Better Solutions

Big Data – this latest buzz term is either causing you pain already or you haven’t been affected (yet). Organisations of all sizes need to prepare themselves for the inevitable: manage big data effectively now, or be consumed by it sooner than you think.